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I Hope You Can Run Well! (Ver. 3)

Okay okay you win, i did version 3 with more effect and with visible half face like first version! :D (Big Grin) 

I hope you all gonna like it! : )


For version 1:…

For version 2:…
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this looks really wonderful

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Thank you, glad you think so! : )

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I like them all, but this one is indeed really striking :-)

Maybe, v2 is a little scarier, because of the "unknown evil" effect of not seeing her face, but v3 is frankly badass, and scary, too, in another way, because of her self confidence. It is obvious, in her smile, that some asses are going to be properly kicked! Yes, I think it's my favourite version :la:

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Thank you, glad you like it that much! : ) Yes, fully covered version gives great sense of mystery which can be scary because we know nothing about that person, like even if person or not? :0 Ahaha, yep, when i see her smile i'm hoping about her enemy like have some good quality ass armor because it's going to be kicked. xD

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Now I can say which version I prefer! :dummy:

I really love that one. This is a perfect combination between the first two versions. Her uncovered face make us witness how self-confident she is and the added details in those effects reveal all the power she must carry. And I really like the aggressiveness of this vivid red. It makes her a bit evil.

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Hahaha i knew that would be your fave, same for me for real because as you said we can see how self confident and strong is she with that look, it maybe less mystery due we see her face and emotion a bit but very striking scene with combinations of all such as effects, ambience, stance etc. :la:

Glad you love it and thank you so much! : )

Also don't forget to open some epic music like this one! :la:

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Yes, of course! The music perfectly fits with the artwork! :) While listening to it, I can easily imagine her walking slow-motion to a battlefield, ready to use her power to save the outcome of the battle!

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Glad you like it, it's fits perfectly for sure as in here an epic battle is about to begin. x) Your observation is great one btw but i think she shouldn't underestimate her opponent because there are so much obscurity. :oops:

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I like the slight, sly little smile. It's all about the small details, right? As always, I love your unique art style! It's always great to see an update from you in my feed :).

Dreamear's avatar

Haha yes, glad you like it and thank you so much, always great to hear about that! :)

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Looks good, keep up the good work!

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Thank you, glad you like it, more will come! : )

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