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:icondreamcentral:DreamCentral posted a status
Gateway Allies revamping is in process at the time being:) to kick things off, this is the redesign concept for one of the characters, Ruthless. She's actually one of the first characters I ever came up with, and back then, she wore no clothing and was based solely off a wildcat. I never really was happy with her design, an I'm revamping her to 1: actually have clothing and 2: look not exactly like a wildcat, but a mix of wild creatures.

Do any of you guys remember the post I did concerning a character named Mercy? Ruthless is her soul mate. They are both immortal sprits that take the form of animals, and, like the other spirits in this world, represent a powerful factor of the nature of all living creatures. Mercy is the Spirit of Mercy, and Ruthless is the Ruthless spirit. After the inter-dimensional crack flung them to the human world, along with heir fellow spirits and all the other Alliemos, they are, like everyone, trying to figure things out, and also realize that the all he spirits becoming united is more important than ever-for them all, and for the worlds. I dub this "The Spirit Arc". Ruthless and Mercy are the main characters, and are traveling the Earth, trying to find their fellow spirits, and bring them together to reattach and reunite the Spirits, for the sake of themselves and all living things.

Ruthless is usually always stoic and silent, mostly observing what happens around her quietly, only speaking or doing something when she feels she needs to. Despite her rather intimidating aura, they seem rather unassuming and harmless at first glance...oh, dear me, that couldn't be more wrong. Ruthless has a terrifying set of jaws in hat closed mouth of hers, built to tear any creature to shreds. Ruthless is a monstrous animal, strong, violent, aggressive, and somewhat blood-lusting. They were born as a living weapon, meant only to represent destruction and the merciless, dark side of the world. As such, Ruthless never understood love, kindness, or acceptance, for they were raised and treated like a monster by everyone. But when she crossed paths with Mercy, the spirt meant to be her polar opposite, she was, for the first time, Mercy wanted to help her, and as they got closer, she began to be introduced to feelings like empathy and mercy. It's not a surprise that Mercy is the one being that Ruthless truly loves and trusts. Mercy is the only one she is openly affectionate towards, and is FIERCELY protective of her. Seriously, do not hurt Mercy. Ever. If you value your arms, legs, and possibly your head.

I'll definitely show more of these character introductions as the revamping process continues. Till then:D

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