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:icondreamcentral:DreamCentral posted a status
Pardon the roughness and the crappy wheelchair I sketched this in cartooning class earlier this evening and just felt I NEEDED to post it, and I've never drawn a wheelchair before in my entire friggin life so...yeah. This'll suffice tho for what I want to say.

I've been focusing on drawing the FNAF gang as anthro animals lately, it's good practice and fun and stuff. But whoopsie, I think I've gotten a bit too into it(what else is new for meXD) and now I'm made up an entire AU of my main AU, where all the animatronics are instead anthro animals, save for BB, JayJay, and Mari, and live in a big abandoned pizza factory/restaurant place. And I guess what you see before you is the concept for Anthro!Golden Freddy.

Goldie is the same as he is in character as he is in my main FNAF AU-polite, awkward, incredibly intelligent and with leadership skills hidden by his insecurities and VERY troubled memories that lead him to be fearful of ever being in charge of anything. He's also a big bear, the tallest of the entire animatronic cast and tallest and most stocked up in the anthro world...if he wasn't confined to a wheelchair.

I'm actually surprised no one else has headcanoned this, at these not of what I've seen-Anthro!Golden Freddy is crippled, physically unable to walk, and uses a wheelchair to move around. He wasn't born like this: I don't have a specific idea of what caused his disability, but something big and horrific and happened to him, that costed him his ability to walk. Maybe a huge accident that not only hurt him, but others, and he blames himself for it? Something like that, but it's up to your opinion of what you think happened:)

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