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Tony Crynight humanizations  by DreamCentral Tony Crynight humanizations  by DreamCentral
FNAF humanizations aren't usually my kind of thing, but after I was browsing around looking at Tony Crynight fan art, and seeing the "If FNAF Tony Crynight was an anime" pieces by WaterFox-Studios, I felt inspired to come up with my own interpretations of the animatronics in Tony Crynight if they were human. So here we are! I might do more of these if I feel compelled to, but I'm not sure right now.

Anyhow, I decided to do Foxy and Mangle, of course. I'm happy with how they turned out. Freckled and large eyebrowed human Foxy's are things I need more of in my lifeXD And Mangle looks really pretty and cute<3

These are my own human interpretations of Tony Crynight's Foxy and Mangle, and FNAF itself belongs to Scott Cawthon.

Edit-Age headcanons: I think Foxy and Mangle would both be in thier early 20's, and Mangle would be slightly younger(at least by a year)than him. I think Bonnie and Chica would be the same age as Foxy, though they're birthdays are separated by months(to get specific, I think Bonnie would be the eldest, Chica the middle and Foxy the youngest, like who I envision them in my own FNAF storiesXD). I think Freddy would be older than all of them combined, probably in the range of 25-27. Springtrap and Fredbear, at the time when Tony's series takes place, that is, would be in thier early 30's.(or, at least, Springtrap would-Fredbear probably would not have aged from when he was "killed" because he spent all that time lifeless, but he's still older than everyone, I think. Those are just headcanonings though)
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