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The power in Soul by DreamCentral The power in Soul by DreamCentral
"Soul is a different kind of cow. Her father is a bull, and her mother is an English cow, but Soul is a descendent of an ancient ungulate clan that possessed magic abilities unlike that of normal Equestrian magic. This magic was purely spiritual, and could not be used as a weapon or a tool, or be controlled with a horn or another external point on ones body. It could not be bestowed or gained, you had to be born with it. It came from the very core of the being, and was spread throughout the entire body, affecting physical abilities and stamina. The magic is different for everyone, and was never directed the same way. The magic is a engraved part of your soul, and its strength and abilities depended on your personality.

In her generation of her family line, Soul is the only one who has outwardly been able to show possesses such magic. The magic in her line dates way back, past the discovery of Equestria. It was thought to be lost in her line. Soul is extremely strong willed with a pure gold heart, and highly emotive and passionate. She has an inner fire that burns brighter as she grows more and more, and it makes the magic in her very strong.

Soul's magic is tied to her emotions. When her emotions are very high and strongly showing outwardly, a magic reaction is sent through her and she externally shows magic that will behave differently- and cause her to behave differently depending on the strongest emotion she is feeling. When she is sad, the atmosphere around herself will darken, and she will(quite literally)give off a "blue" hue, causing her other emotions to damper, and she will become physically slower and of course, very mopey. When she is extremely happy, her stamina will greatly increase, and she will become agile and quick, and her atmosphere will be bright and sunny, and she will be cheerful and bouncy. When she is angry, her strength will increase, and her sense of focus will be wild, and magic will vibrate from her like flame, and she will be very intimidating- or scary. Sometimes, her anger will be sent out like shockwaves, depending on the strength of the anger at that moment. Her magic cannot harm anyone or destroy anything, but it will affect her demeanour and the atmosphere around her greatly.

She has a very hard time controlling this magic, and thus has had to learn to keep herself levelheaded and calm in uncomfortable or frustrating situations, to avoid scaring anyone around her. She has had outbursts, and had to do some therapy to control her wild emotions. This power, and her nature that made her "a weirdo" to other people, left her alone in her childhood, with only her family able to understand her gift. Even if she doesn't mind being a loner, she still wants to have friends who can understand and accept her for who she is, and not only acknowledge her existence because of her power. But with her loving family, and a group of friends who all are diverse and unlike anyone else among others, she is getting better at controlling her gift, and has accepted her power and her difference to others.

Her power has given Soul higher strength and stamina than normal of her species and age.

Her power is unpredictable, but when all her emotions, her entire soul are at their strongest, and are at a perfect balance, she is able to produce magic than she can use to her will. This is love. For her, It comes in he form of a flaming rainbow heart. This is rare for her, and she is only just learning about it.

Whoa boy that was a long ass description.
So yeah Soul has gone from cute cow to cute MAGIC cow, hehe.
I was thinking about this power she has and drew something about it.
Give feedback on what you think of Soul's gift, or just look at the pictureXD

Later, Lovelies<3
SassyisASuperHero Featured By Owner Edited Aug 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
at first I thought (this is going to sound weird)but that one parent is a pony and the other a cow but I like this more oh and Sima helped to :3 and I love magical cow more then run magical cow like my oc that brown in her hair was so post to be an eye patch and the other brown stuff was there to make her look cooler ( I am talking a lot about Sima) and her name was going to be Little Flower..glad i changed it

DreamCentral Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah well I'll let you in on a little secret, Ponies were part of Soul's family line say back when, so it kinda explains her horsey characteristics
Magical cow that's gonna be Souls alias from now onXD
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