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(The not so innocent) Human Doodles #1 by DreamCentral (The not so innocent) Human Doodles #1 by DreamCentral
I draw weird stuff in my normal day. I just get an idea, then I do it. All this stuff is off the top of my head, man.
Soooo if you can't handle my reckless confidence in my doodling, I suggest you look away.
(it's not like this needs a mature warning, I mean come on guys it could be worseSweating a little... )

#1. Based off a moment during the abstract art unit in Art at school. They said express emotion, I expressed MY WHOLE SOUL ON THAT PAPER. I felt so intense I was ready to take on THE WORLD. (yeah I admit I need to calm down...) 

#2. Hey, it's GACKT again!.. In a dress....... Yeah I can't even describe what's meant to be happening here. I'll leave it up to your imaginations;) (Wink)

#3. Take this guys example. He ain't denying or hiding the fact he likes cartoon ponies.....and grape juice

#4. Me: Dude, I'm not hitting on you you can relax.
      Her: okay.... Cuz I'm not against Gays or anything, and I know your Gay-or, well, Bi,                                     I just want you to know-
      Me: okay I got it.
Me and my crazy overlord loveable dork friend. We had those kind of interactions before we officially became the bros of the universeI am a dummy! . Our friendship is so strong you don't even know.Hug  
Just no Homo. She makes that clear.

now that you have seen these guilty relief doodles, I will only bombard you all with moar.
and there ain't nothing gonna stop meMeow :3 
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April 16, 2016
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