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Sparring Siblings by DreamCentral Sparring Siblings by DreamCentral
Ruby: “wow, I don't think I’ve even taught you that technique yet, Robin!”

Robin: “I’ve decided to take some initiative with my training, mamn-.” 

Ruby: “Ah ah! Don’t reply, you're in the zone right now! Focus and keep it up!”

Robin: “Oh, r-right, I’m sorry-oh, I-I mean-yes mamn!!”

Ruby: “good...yes, excellent!”

Colour: “Uh, sorry, Aunt Ruby-uh, I mean, mamn?” 

Ruby: “Yes, Colour?”

Colour: “I’ve been watching this for half an hour now, and yeah, it is impressive-I mean, it really, really is...Robin is doing so well...but honestly, I feel like I’m wasting time sitting here, in the heat, in a training arena, whilst I myself am also a student of yours...doing nothing!!”

Ruby: “I figured you might get antsy eventually. So don't worry, I’ve got an idea...Robin! Stop!”

Robin: *skids to a halt, out of breath*
“Huh….huh? W-what’s up? Did I do something wrong?”

Ruby: “No, no, you’re doing brilliant right now, and you have been for quite some time lately. Your swordsman skills have come so far, so I have an idea to move you to the next level, as well your sister here…” 

Colour: “Huh?”

Ruby: “Robin, Colour, you two are officially sparring partners!”

Robin: “W-WHAT?!”

Colour: “What? Really? Ah, yeah!! I’ve so been wanting this!” 

Robin: “U-uh, m-mamn, I’m not-I mean, I don't doubt you in anyway, but-uh, are you sure I should fight my sister?”

Colour: “What, brother? Scared you can’t win against this? I mean, I don't blame you if you do.” *Colour’s arm turns into a wing shield*

Robin: “No! I mean, kinda but that’s not the point! You’re my sister, I don't know if I feel right fighting you! And you're someone who makes it clear no one under any circumstances should pick a fight with you!”

Colour: “Glad I do, But, Robin, in this case, we aren’t fighting, we’re sparring. There’s a difference.” 

Ruby: “Yes, she’s right. There’s no harm in friendly, competitive combat. Besides, I’ve seen both of you train individually-your skills are near matched. You both have different fighting styles, techniques, and weapons-Shields and Swords, which makes you two sparring even more appropriate-and I believe that letting those abilities clash will only further you both as bird warriors.”

Colour: “Yeah, come on, dude! It’ll be great, why is our sibling-hood holding you back?...or is that just a cover up for the real reason you don't wanna spar with me?” 

Ruby: *chuckles*
“Goodness, you triplets really can read one other in a flash.” 

Robin: “...I...I...I just…”

*Robin stares at his sword uncertainly.*

Robin: “I just don't...think I could ever be good enough to...spar with someone as…”

*He trails off. Colours skeptical features soften, and she sighs.*

Colour: “Robin, when your interest in swordsmanship first came up, you didn't think you could ever achieve that. When Aunt Ruby here offered to teach you, you declined because still thought you couldn't do it, and you were also scared about taking such a big, risky step. But after more consideration, and some attempted convincing from me, Rosie, our dads, Spark, Emmett, everyone… you suddenly made your own decision that this was your big opportunity to develop as a person and grow stronger, like you’ve always wanted to be. Stronger.”

*She walks over to him, and put her hand on his shoulder.*

Colour: “And you know what? You HAVE gotten stronger, Robin. You’ve been getting better and better each day, and I know because I’ve seen it, and not just with swordsmanship. You can actually throw a punch now, and a hard one at that, if how that Lucas’s black eye was any indication…”

*Robin snorted in quiet laughter at that.*

Colour: “And you have grown. I don't think I’ve ever seen you more lively than in the past few weeks, especially when you're training. Isn’t this is what you wanted? At this moment you have another opportunity to grow even more. We both do. And if you could do it before, why not now? Are you really going to backtrack now?” 

Robin: “’re right. You’re right, I do want this. I can’t go back now.”

Colour: *smiles* 

“Wow. Didn't think I could get any more prouder of you than I already am.”

*Robin smiles back brightly*

Ruby: “Right then! If that’s settled, let's get started right away! Robin, get yourself warmed up, Colour, you go prepare yourself for battle!”

Colour/Robin: “YES MAMN!!” 

*As Colour walks away to get herself ready, she turns back a smiles deviously.*

Colour: “Hope you’ll know what’s coming, Brother! If not, I’ll go easy on you!” 

Robin: “Please, I’d deposit the same warning to you, sister!” 

Colour: “Oh-ho. Big talk. It’s bout’ to go down, bud.” 

Robin: “Hell yeah it will.” 
And from that day onward these two became sparring partners, competitive and fierce ones at that.

Their battles are usually filled with trash talk and lots of clanging of metal on metal. And quality sib bonding. 

I should definitely post something on Robin to give y’all a better idea about him sword fighting, and just his personality and where his uncertainty and wariness in this scene stems from, cause in a nutshell he’s a flustered and anxious little bean<3

This was a lot of fun to draw, showing the action and rivalry, as well as the underlying feeling of fondness these two have for each other. They are very different, and most of the time have a typical sib relationship filled with bickering and disagreeing, but Robin and Colour truly, deeply love each other, and have a great time sparring together. 

Btw the other person in this written scene is not in the picture, but it's Ruby, that female red bird from that Valentine's Day game. In this AU she’s Red’s twin sister and she’s a badass military general who likes teaching her nephew and nieces in combat. 

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