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Selena and Lucifer by DreamCentral Selena and Lucifer by DreamCentral
Made designs for two characters from a new original story I've recently come up with(by recently I mean yesterday). The idea is that the story, which I've currently named "Seven Deadly Sins Operative", takes place in a hyper-reality world where corrupt goverment nobility and overly powerful battling crime groups basically run the show. A world where saints are sinners and sinners are saints.

Selena, the main protaginist, is an absolutely beautiful and devilishly cunning independent spy-for-hire in the rich, competitive system. She uses her masterful skills in manipulation and seduction to trick shady, high class wealthy figures, infiltrate their homes and steal info or artifacts, Exploit, expose, and leave her target defenseless in the crimial business they foolishly got themselves into, and then deliver the goods back to the person who hired her in exchange for money. She is quite proud of her talents, and makes quite a lavish living for herself because of her work. 

One day, however, when she is heading off to meet her next unsuspecting assignment, she finds she has been duped, and her "target" is Lucifer, an extremly rich and powerful business man, and the highly calculating leader of The Devil's Advocates, one of the most largest and most influental-if not THE most largest and influental mafias in the world. Also, he's Selena's estranged adoptive older brother. He tells her that becuase of her taking down various useful figures to The Devil's Avocates, she has gotten herself into a big debt with him. Lucifer tells her that either she can lose all her livings to the mafia, OR she can join a special task force he is assembling and pay off her debt that way. Of course Selena agrees to option two, and she becomes the "LUST asset" of the Seven Deadly Sins Operative team, a group of criminals each with particular skills and personalites, that all have histories of destroying corrupt people by taking advantage of one of the seven sins present in society-Pride, Wrath, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, and Sloth. The story is about their missions of action, stealth, comedy, mystery-solving, chaos and criminals taking down worst criminals FOR criminals, as well as character drama between Selena, Lucifer and her six fellow misfit teammates, and several other characters. 

Yeah, this might not be the most original thing you've heard I think, but this story is pretty fun and experimental for me, and is certinley one of the more explicitly adult themed stories I've come up with. I really think I'll be toying with this more in the future. 
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