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New Gateway A story arc and character design by DreamCentral New Gateway A story arc and character design by DreamCentral
Coming up with character designs for a new Arc in Gateway Allies, which I have dubbed the "Rebellion Arc" for now. Basically, it's a backstory Arc that actually takes place in Alliemos, and the story is focused on the war that took place some time before the rift. The war started from magical beings getting sick of the oppression of magic and forbidding Alliemos citizens from being able to practice any kind of magic they choose, and not just the kind unique to their species, as well as Alliemoses everywhere wanting the hierarchal system, the power abuse and neglect of the ruling divines, the out-of-control racial discrimination and the slavery of entire species, such as dolls, to stop. 

One of the most important things about this Arc is that while it is connected to all of the other story arcs in some manner, it's biggest and most clear connection is to the Orphans Arc. The Parents and family members of the main characters the Orphans Arc were involved in the war, which is part of why the main characters of that Arc-John, Magitrix, Seth-ended up without family. The rebellion is a big part of the Orphans Arc story that will truly come to light later on, but right now, I'm trying to establish the Rebellion Arc characters and how they impact the Orphans Arc characters. 

This character, in particular, is the father of John the Scarecrow. How that is possible is really complicated and I'll address it at a later date. But for now, the reason I'll give is...magic~ 

I don't have a name for this dude yet, but the idea right now is that he is-what I'm calling right now, a Starlord. He was created from being "sewn together" by the stars, and has spent most of his life honing his powers and gaining that staff he carries, without knowing the purpose as to why he was created and brought into the world. So he goes through a similar identity crisis that John goes through, and his search for answers leads him to meeting a Scarecrow woman named Tanisha, whom he falls in love with and eventually marries. This all happened before the rebellion formed, and while he and Tanisha never wanted the situation to escalate into war, he decides to join the army and fight for the world's freedom, whilst Tanisha works with volunteers to ensure supplies and safety for innocent citizens. He fights because he realized that just knowing things were bad in the world wasn't the same as doing something about it, and you can't wait around for someone to do it for you if want something. He is also fighting for Tanisha, believing that if the rebellion succeeds, she will be free from the danger of being forced into slavery, and they'll finally be able to figure out who to have a child together without reprocussions. The rest of the story from there I'll leave a mystery, but I'll just tell you that things don't always go the way you expect...

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