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Mangle the Fox(EDITED SUMMARY) by DreamCentral Mangle the Fox(EDITED SUMMARY) by DreamCentral
I finally got round to making a fully coloured, detailed and most importantly(and hopefully) final design for my AU Mangle. Yay:D

Character summary below, just so you got an idea of what my wonderful Mangy is like in this AU.

Mangle was a...pirate fox? Maybe? Or maybe they were intended to be an adventurer fox? Who knows, no one even knows what their gender was intended to be, but that’s not much of an issue to Mangle, who just goes by they and them. Mangle has forgotten what exactly they used to look like when they were first built, but they say how they are now is an upgrade for sure. They have fur as white as snow, with pink adorning the end of their tail, chest, feet, and snout. They have a thin, lanky frame fit for moving quick and dancing like any human could(and they can kick ass if they choose to), and they wear that purple coat all the time: Foxy made it for them. 

Mangle is certainly an oddball fox. They have an unorthodox and unique nature, they can talk lighting fast, and their thought process goes at the exact same pace, if not faster. They seem almost “mangled” in their head, and there is a certain stun factor to them, that everyone has different feelings about. Mangle is eccentric, energetic, brave, adventurous, determined, intelligent, extremely sharp witted and sharp tongued, as well as short tempered. They act like a smartass, and they try and keep up a tough, unfazeable facade, but inside they are a huge softie, incredibly kind, compassionate, and sensitive. This side often comes out for certain people they are comfortable with showing their true self to-around others, they feel like they have to act completely competent and in control of their emotions, which are things they actually greatly struggle with. They are loyal and caring to their friends, and absolutely love their partner Foxy deeply, and is very open, affectionate, supportive, trusting of him. They would do anything to protect him, and their loved ones. 

Mangle’s past is a rather...dark one. They spent a lot of their beginnings being misunderstood, lonely, and neglected, as well as horribly disfigured. Top that off with afterwards, being memory wiped and brought to a secret facility which tortured and forced them to do things they couldn't even know they were doing, and making friends down there that later turned out to be fake and traitorous, and all for a reason they didn't know. Mangle carries a lot of pain they are desperately determined to heal from. They have trust issues to those they don't already deeply trust, a prejudice for human adults, vulnerability to nightmares, emotional burdens of guilt for surviving and having to depend on others helping them to be kept sane, a hellish temper, needs to feel loved and protected, and frustration over the fact they don't know why all this happened to them. What did they do to deserve it? Did they deserve it? In short, Mangle is “mangled” in ways that aren't so easy to fix. 

Mangle has a lot of hobbies that some consider “odd”(depending on who you ask), and enjoys doing little things that keep their mind a’ whirring. Their interests include crossword puzzles, any kind of puzzle in general, exploring and investigating around and in their home, wearing old-fashioned human clothes, looking for authentic, weird, cool stuff in the old warehouse or any and all trash cans near the premises, writing stories, playing video games with their best friend Springtrap, reading and journaling about the interesting and strange paranormal going ons in their home, as well as just everything that happens on a daily basis under the pizzeria’s roof. They also speak several different languages, but French is their favourite(to speak, and to fluster Foxy with) and they’re a talented dancer. 

The Mangle from FNAF 2, along with the rest of the animatronics and the games they are the shining stars of belong to Scott Cawthon, I only own these interpretations of them. I find it really fun making up personalities for these robots, as well as dressing them up in swanky purple coats and imagining them playing crossword puzzles with their friends and helping each other solve them. And then throwing the newspapers at each other when one gets too cocky. Cause’ family.
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Awesome :D
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