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MLP the next gen: Lucky Star by DreamCentral MLP the next gen: Lucky Star by DreamCentral
Name: Lucky Star
Age: 15
Race: Unicorn
Parents: Twilight Sparkle and Moon Dancer

Lucky Star is very cheerful, optimistic, good hearted and friendly, always looking for that good in everything and everypony. Unlike her mothers were, she is quite the social butterfly, having many friends and overall good relationships with mostly everyone she meets. She is very responsible and is quite mature for her age. Even though she is a princess, she has not really been coronated into the title, and instead takes on many hobbies and jobs around Ponyville. She has a need to help others and be there for everyone that it is very stressful for her when she can't. Even though part of the reason that she takes many jobs is for others and to fill her time with opportunities, deep down its because she isn't really sure what she wants to do with her life. Much like both her parents, she is very smart and extremely organized, and is at the top of her form when planning events, leading a group or project coming up with ideas. She is so driven to be perfect for everyone that she cracks under pressure when she screws up, and constantly needs support from her friends and others, even though she can't admit that herself. She is always on the move, taking part in different activities and doing new things, that it sometimes wears her out very badly. Despite all this, she is driven and determined, and is always ready to be a strong leader when she can be and fights for what's right. Despite trying to be collected and level headed most of the time, she is still a bit of a nerdy dork, so eager to learn about anything she touches.

her special talent is, as odd as it sounds, Inspiration. She brings hope to others, and encourages others to follow their own path, and accept friendship. She has helped many ponies because of this, even though she is still struggling to understand her talent as much as she tries to.
 Being the decedent of an alicorn, she is incredibilly talented with magic. She sees it more as a hobby, but still studies magic regardless.
she is also talented at negotiating and strides though political arguments like celestial herself. She uses her political skills to make deals and settle arguments with other nations. This has given her a important place on Twilights court.

Fun Facts
- she has a lot of sempais, from fiction and history alike, and swoons and gushes over those she admires.

-she tries to stick to diets and healthy food, but she has a HUGEEE sweet tooth.

-she has Nyctophobia, a phobia of the dark, and she is terrified of dark rooms and caves. She sleeps with a night light, and thus is talented with light spells.

Sooo yes. I have a MLP next generation universe. I know this is unoriginal to some people by now, but hey, I've got to have SOMETHING remotely interesting on this account.
and this is the first OC you've seen now, but there more to come.
just trust meh.
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