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John the Scarecrow by DreamCentral John the Scarecrow by DreamCentral
Another Gateway A thing: Specifically, one of the main characters of the Orphans Arc, and the main character of his own arc that is directly integrated with the Orphans Arc...John the Scarecrow.

John's origins-to himself and to those he was raised by-are a bit of a mystery, but what he does know is that he was created by a powerful wizard, but he died shortly afterwards, not even enough time to give his technical son a proper name. So John was left an orphan, and was found by the Spirit of Hope, one of the founders of the Alliemos Orphanage, a safe-haven for famiy-less, helpless Alliemos children. he was brought to live in. He was named John as a placeholder, but it sort of stuck throughout his young life growing up in the orphanage. He wasn't lonely though, being raised right alongside him were other orphans who would become his closet friends: Naja, a little Alliemos serpent, Magitrix, a doll girl who strove to practice and be a part of witchcraft, Sasethsu, a lion-like boy with powers of wind and storms, and he also became very close the Spirit of Hope, fellow orphan and caretaker.

During his childhood, John showed himself to be curious and clever: he loved learning new things, to the point he would get himself in trouble at times. He questioned everything and dug for new knowledge wherever and whenever he could. He grew loving to explore, and loves to read. A lot of the time he was in the orphanage library, pouring over books way past bedtime. It was just never enough, all his books and all the knowledge in his orphanage. Even though John was told the orphanage was the safest place for him, and he had friends who he loved, he would find himself constantly pining at the landscape outside the borders of the orphanage, aching to see what was beyond it. John's passion for learning combined with an abundant lack of self identity-he had no idea where he came from, what he was made for, or even what he was meant to be named. He felt like his entire life was a confusing mystery, and he was struggling with what his identity and purpose was. And no matter what, his current home was not helping. When he was 11-12, he finally cracked, and decided that he had to leave his home to find his worth and find himself, and made plans to run away.

Of course, he didn't leave without telling his friends. It was them who he had thought of whenever he thought of running, and it made him change his mind...but now, he felt like he had no choice to leave, even if he felt guilty about it hurting them. Fortunately, their reactions were more positive than anything else. While Naja was hurt and mad, like John knew he would be, Magi and Seth were both a mix of upset and unsure, but also supportive of his decision, because they could both relate to his feelings in their own ways. And Hope, while she was saddened, and were going to miss him, it was her duty to act in John's best interests and inspire him to do what was good for him, and she saw that him leaving was really the best for him, so they aided him in his preparations.

Shorty after, John was fully packed, prepared, and extremely nervous, and extremely excited, at the same time. He said his goodbyes, promising he would visit soon, and with determination bearing within him like a heart would, he stated his adventures across the world of mixed Earth and Alliemos.

The drawing above shows John 3 years older than when he first left home, at 15 years old. He has seen many things and learned a lot about survival, the worlds of Earth and Alliemos, and himself, and he had met many creatures and friends along the way. Now he has found himself gaining new passions as he explores. He still has so much to see and so, and he wants to do things that will help the world and create a peace in what it has become. He will keep going, keep exploring, and will go on many new adventures...though those stories are best for later;)
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