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Gateway Allies: My Baby girls by DreamCentral Gateway Allies: My Baby girls by DreamCentral
Back to the drawing tablet:D!!!!!!
These are two characters some my story Gateway Allies(been a while huh:D) Magitrix, a witch-doll girl that is a character in the Orphange Arc, and Moby, a teen cat girl with a mental scar that causes her to have hallucinations and unable to draw a line between reality and fantasy. She is the main character in the Gangs Arc, a whole Arc about "gangs" of different Allieamos creatures fighting against each other. 

Buckle up there is a lot, a LOT of text coming up.

1-2) The first one is Magi as a really young girl, in her toddler years, and before she became an orphan. Magi is a doll, closely tied to scarecrows, a species that worship and are usually under the authority of witches. As such, she never actually had real, biological parents, but she WAS made and was part of a witch/sorcerer family. She was created by an elder woman that was rich and influential in witch culture in Allieamos. She was meant to be a servant to the woman and her family, and was treated as such, but sweet, innocent Magi always saw the woman as her mother, though unfortunately, her "mother" didn't reciprocate her affections. But the woman's sister, a former witch that was banned from using magic-was quite fond of Magi, and was the one who took care of her and believed she was meant to more than a simple doll-servant. Magi happily called her "Auntie".

Magi saw for herself the complex inner workings of witch magic, and saw first hand the feats that  be accomplished with the power of witchcraft-and at an early age, was absolutely FASCINATED. She wanted so badly to learn more-to practice the craft and do everything her mother could. She wanted to be a powerful, rule-breaking, legendary witch...but she was a doll. And dolls weren't in the right rank to become a witch. Her mother believed strongly in these traditions and forbade Magi from ever learning witchcraft, but Magi's Auntie believed that Magi SHOULD be able to. Magi was destined for greatness, she was sure. Magi's struggle continued-but when the Allieamos world collapsed and Earth became he new home of these creatures-it came to it's climax. After the disaster, the family lost everything, and Magi's mother became desperate-and was willing to do anything to save what was left of her heritage. Even if it cost her "daughter". Magi's Aunt had to do something-so she ran off with the doll girl to find help. Her search led her to the spirit of Hope. Hope proposed that Magi and her Auntie could stay at an orphanage that she was building-but to the Auntie, staying with Magitrix would only threaten her further, and tie down the scrap of freedom that her beloved Magi had. So she left her at the orphanage, and left her after telling Magitrix her to stay strong-to never let anyone tie her dreams and ambitions down, because what she loved was what shaped her, and her passion and love was what truly made her powerful-more powerful than any other witch could hope to be.

By her teenage years(number 2)Magitrix is a motivatied magic powerhouse, her skill far surpassing any witch-or any magic user for that matter-at her age. She studies and trains in witchcraft with more dedication than any of her fellow orphans-and she has never forgotten what her Auntie said to her when she last saw her.

3) Warning-Graphic content mentioned
Moby was 4 years old when the Rift disaster occurred. In the chaos of hundreds of Allieamos creatures being flung through space and a dimensional vacuum, many of those creatures came out either dead, or with permanent psychical or mental after-effects. Moby is one of them.

Whilst in the rift, Moby's young mind was nearly torn in half-which would have destroyed her mentally- but luckily she came out not dead- but with a mental scar forever on her brain(as well as a literal scar slashed across her forehead that she hides under her hair.) As such, she has grown up with a permanent mental illness(basically the equivalent of schizophrenia) where she has hullications of imaginary creatures and settings that don't truly exist-and us stuck in between two worlds in her mind, and she can't find the balance, she can't draw the line. This had lead her to be raised without any social interaction, and is unable to go anywhere away from her home, for her only family, her older sister, fears she will get hurt from becoming confused and disoriented in her surroundings. This had lead to a number of social interaction problems and paranoia about the world and those around her-one big issue is that Moby thinks that she's a burden to her loved ones, and that they blame her for the tear in her mind. She wants to be normal, and she wonders that maybe the reason she can't is all her fault. But that couldn't be more untrue.
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