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Gateway A new characters: Sonance and Harmony by DreamCentral Gateway A new characters: Sonance and Harmony by DreamCentral
More Gateway A stuff, and this time it’s focused on an arc I haven’t touched on at all in a while-the SinEstar Arc. Just like the rest of the story, I’m revamping this one too, and I’ve ended up up adding SIX new characters. They’ll be like secondary main characters to the main character(s), Estar and Sin, who they’ll constantly be crossing paths with, but they don't know Sin and Estar are the same person.

This group of characters are called “The Siren Sisters”, a family of 6 sirens(the bird women version from Greek mythology) who each have unique, but all amazing singing voices with magical properties. I’ve figured out all their names and personalities, but I only have the designs figured out for these two: Sonance, a Sea Hawk siren and the second eldest sister, and Harmony, a dove siren, and the youngest of her family!

Sonance is actually a revamped character, while her sisters are all new characters. Her name was originally Setto, short for Falsetto, and she looked COMPLETELY different-more human looking than bird. But when I got the idea for these Siren Sisters, I looked up musical terms, because I wanted each of their names to be a term that had to do with vocals and music. When I saw Falsetto, the definition for the term didn't fit Sonance’s character. But I felt the term Consonance(where her name is derived from) did, soooo...yeah, that how Sonance was born!!XD

Sonance is rather idolized by her younger sisters for her cool, rebellious, adventurous attitude, her bravery, her strong will, her snark and spunk and her encouragement of not letting anyone tell you how to express yourself. She’s laidback elder figure, but inside she has a lot of insecurities about being a role model, and wishes she could do better to protect and lead her sisters. She also has a fiery temper, can be impetuous, stubborn, unwilling to be honest about her feelings, and can do brash things if she feels like she’s being attacked or restrained. She also doesn’t like to talk about her past(she along with the other two oldest sisters were born on Alliemos) to her younger sisters, because she doesn’t want to hurt them with the dark truth about their species, and what sirens originally did on Alliemos. You can probably guess what that dark truth is, but I want to make it a bit more complex that for the story.

Oh, and her musical specialty in Rock music, and she has a powerful rock-ballad esque voice that has the power to change the weather and natural surrounding based on her emotions in the songs. When thinking of her singing avoice, think Amy Lee from Evanescence.

Then there’s Harmony, the youngest, and the sister who all the other sirens are very protective of. She’s pretty much a theater nerd cinnamon roll, in a nutshell. Harmony is a completely pure-hearted, innocent and compassionate young siren. She’s a bookworm, a hopeless romantic, and is very artistic, deep thinking and authentic. She loves singing and writing songs, and she also can also write stories along with them, basically creating musicals in a thick journal she keeps. The other sisters think she has the most gorgeous, sweetest and warmest voice out of all of them, but she doesn't have a lot of self confidence to show it off very much. She can be very awkward, and due to a somewhat sheltered upbringing, isn’t very good with social skills. But still, she has a bright and positive outlook on life, is a pacifist and hates fighting, and believes in the beauty in everything. Her beautiful voice has the power to make everyone around her feel peaceful and hopeful. She loves her sisters dearly, but is frustrated when they baby her and get overly protective of her. And she also has a huge doofy crush on Estar, that beautiful and smart snake woman who is so kind to her and loves reading her songs and the stories that go along with them, and encourages her to show them to the world. Harmony knows she’s too old for her, but she still gushes and writes music about her, and she thinks she’s her true love, like from a fairytale...but what’ll happen when she finds out Estars secret? And that that strange, dark sea snake she crosses paths with sometimes is actually her serpent princess in a different form? It’s probably best she doesn't know...for now.

Anyway, that’s all I got for you today in Gateway A right now. I’ll figure out the designs for the other sisters, and introduce them! Bye for now:)
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