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Gateway A human lineup(Description is HERE) by DreamCentral Gateway A human lineup(Description is HERE) by DreamCentral
This took a little longer than I thought it would to complete, but hoo boy was this fun to do. 

I decided to draw some of the main Gateway A characters as how they would look as humans!! I’ve been thinking about, coming up with and experimenting with human versions of some of my characters for a while now-I really think it offers a lot of new perspective to creators, drawing non human characters as humans, since humans are really diverse creatures. My goal is to Gateway Allies is a that is all about diversity and characters from many different races and backgrounds, and if I were to create an entire other story where the characters are humans, I’d still make those themes. On that note, I have decided that these human!Gateway A orphan kiddos do belong to a Human AU of sorts-where it’s set in Alliemos, that in this AU is a modern day human society, but there is still magic and fantastic settings and the many different creatures still have their names and histories and cultures-it’s just most of them are in the form of humans. Hope that makes sense. I shall now stop rambling about AU details-and proceed with rambling about AU details concerning these four, who if you haven’t guessed are John, Magitrix, Sasethsu and Maheegan(in that order from left to right)

John: African American/Middle Eastern. John is an adventurous, curious, and bright 14 year old boy who, at 10 years old, driven on his desires to understand who he is and of discovering more about the world, decided to leave the Orphanage he was raised from when he was a baby. As a little kid facing a big world on his own, it took him much trial and struggle to figure out how to fend for himself and get by on his own, but he was determined, and made friends who helped him out along the way. As he continues his adventures he makes quite a name for himself, being referred to by many as “The Runaway Starchild”. John has many hobbies and has interests that some would consider odd, but he is happy with them, and who are we to take that away from our adorable little starry eyed scarecrow hero. He loves travelling and learning new things, as well as books, birds(he has a interesting adoration for crows), helping others, journalling, starry skies and collecting trinkets and artifacts that he discovers on his explorations, as well as making his own trinkets to entertain himself. 

He’s a thin, lanky boy with long dreadlock like hair he keeps in a ponytail, and is smaller than what is average, but his big hiking boots to make himself look taller. He’s often mistaken for a girl, or(funnily enough) a scarecrow(when he’s standing or sitting really still/sleeping). Being an explorer he has only a few clothing items constantly with him, and what he does wear is pretty worn yet fitting for constantly trekking about. His current outfit now are made up of his favourite clothes, probs cause he be feeling fancy today(he loves his beanie and constellation sweater that he got as a gift from a pal he made in his travels)

Magitrix: Two quarters Filipino/one quarter Okinawan/one quarter Caucasian. Magi is her Orphanage’s magical prodigy and resident Witch(also, debatably, only witch), and she’s ambitious, driven, rebellious, creative, and fiery(in nature and in temper-especially in temper). She adores magic and Witchcraft, and works hard at her passions, wanting to be powerful enough to protect people, and also stop slavery and inequality within and between Alliemos races. A motivation for these goals is because her species, doll-people, are heavily discriminated and enslaved, and treated like property rather than living beings. Magi loves being a Witch, which are the super rebel magic artists of the Alliemos world, but due to experiencing emotional abuse inflicted by her mother as a young child, she has a lot of insecurities about her self worth which can bleed into her actions, her morals, and how she thinks other people see her. Though she does not mean a lot to herself just yet, she means the world to her loved ones, and they mean the world to her. 

Magi’s obvious interests are magic, spell creating, spell casting, some magic competition and duels when they come up, but she also adores art, cooking magic food types that can literally blow up in her face(occasionally, she says), dancing, crafting, nature, all kinds of animals, especially her four beloved pet familiers, Lucas, Artie, Aphrodite and Puffy. She spends a lot her of time studying and practicing witchcraft, as well as learning about all kinds of magic, magical history and artifacts, which means it can be hard for her to relax, but she still likes spending time with her friends, especially Seth, her best pal and secret crush. Magi is short, stocky yet lean in build, having gained quite a bit of athleticism from her training. In her earlier years she would dress a bit like a magical girl Scout, but now in her teens she’s grown quite a liking to piercings, leather jackets and generally showing she means business. She also has a red witch hat that she cherishes dearly and wears for her studies, but let’s say that today her friends managed to convince her to pry herself from her work, and she opted to put her wild, poofy and uncontrollably curly raven hair into a high ponytail.

Sasethsu(Seth): Black Egyptian/Nigerian. Seth is a bit like your typical easygoing all around nice-guy, being kind, down-to-Earth, and chivalrous. Though the fact he’s a demigod with powerful, frightening abilities concerning lighting and thunder might make him a bit different in that sense. Seth spent the first few years of his life living happily(but in hiding)with his two loving mothers, a lion-woman and former military general, and a former Sphinx goddess(though she still had her powers.) His mothers tried to provide for Seth the best they could in their situation, but eventually decided to send him to a protected Orphanage run by old friends of theirs, so they could save him from the dangers they had been hiding from.(Spoiler, that would be the last time Seth ever sees his mothers alive.)So Seth starts living in the orphanage that is home to many of our main characters, and though he was safe and made friends who become family to him, he realized he had powers that he had no idea how to manage, and no one could teach him how to control them. As such, by the time he’s the teen you see here, he has built up issues of repression, terrified of himself and his powers, which also leads him to suppressing many of his most powerful traits and talents because he’s afraid he’ll do nothing but hurt his loved ones. When he does manage to show these parts of him, however, Seth is a courageous and heroic young man who is very protective of his loved ones-his ‘pride.’

Seth is a big boy, tall and adorable a bit chubby, and he’s relatively strong, though he’s never use his strength to hurt a fly, he’s fine with catching Magi when she falls out of an Ariel magic move(). Seth is a peacemaker(can’t stand confrontation unlike Magi who is always ready to fight)and likes to relax and take naps(the Orphanage caretakers can sometimes find him asleep under a tree in the shade. He likes food, small rodents(he’s got a pet mouse named Cleo), and also has a love for culture, architecture, history and is also rather enamoured with sophisticated fancy things and items considered feminine. He usually does his best to look nice, and adores wearing jewelry(hence the torq) and makeup, and is learning how to make clothing for kids in the orphanage with few decent clothes, as well as any people he encounters who can’t provide more clothes for themselves or their families. Seth also has a crush on Magitrix, his best friend, but has yet to fully realize it. 

Maheegan: Native American. Maheegan is a very interesting young woman, for several reasons. She’s highly intelligent, curious, strong willed, responsible, and born leader, though she also has a goofy sense of humour and is playful with her friends. She is kind hearted and and she acts not just as a leader, but as the maternal friend to her group of pals, always being there them and being the rational, level headed one when everyone else is freaking out. Maheegan was born in a Wolf-tribe(Native American alternates in Alliemos) community, but the place the community was forced to live was not at all in good conditions. Despite this, Maheegan even then was someone who tried to see the good in everything, and she made the best out of her life there with her loving parents, being overall very happy. But all that ended when the community was attacked by a terrorist group. In the havoc, Maheegan’s parents took a deadly magical blast to protect her, and mere moments after, Maheegan was hit in the arm by a stray magic scythe and...well, you can see it’s...not exactly there anymore. Even in her emotional and physical agony, the little girl managed to get far enough way from the scene before collapsing from pain, and by a miracle, she was found right away by the Spirit of Hope, one of the Orphanage caretakers who sensed Maheegan’s will and strength. She was taken to the Orphanage and recovered physically...but mentally? Not so much. Maheegan is scarred deeply by her experience, and when she first was able to interact with the other orphans, she was withdrawn and mistrusting of others as a result of her traumas. 

Though eventually Maheegan was able to open up and befriend Magi, Seth and another kid named Naja(John had already run off to explore the world before she came to the Orphanage so she didn’t meet him till later)as a teenager, Maheegan still isn’t over her loss of her home, her community, her parents, and her arm. As a result of being separated from her family and people, she often feels very alone and unwelcome in the world outside the Orphanage. Maheegan never wants anyone else to go through what she did, and is motivated to help those who are in trouble anyway she can, and she doesn’t fully realize it yet, but her strong skills of leadership and empathy despite her physical disability will bring her far in bringing her culture back and saving many lives in the future. 

Maheegan is pretty average physically, though she’s especially lean and fast, and quite tall for girl her age(she’s taller than John when he isn’t wearing his hiking boots) and she prefers practical fashion over flashiness. Most of her clothes she cuts of the right sleeve and sews it up, and the also makes items of traditional native clothing to represent her culture. Maheegan prefers t9 use diplomacy and speaking to resolve problems than fighting(She and Seth are the rational parents of the group in this sense). She is a talented artist, enjoys learning different languages, and is very much proficient in many different academics. She’s also a huge fan of movies. She’s the second nerdiest of her friends next to John, basically.

Artist note: FINALLY I FINISHED THIS DAMN DESCRIPTION aw jeeeezXD Sorry it took so long, all the things I at first wanted to say with this description just snowballed into something a lot bigger than I thought it was gonna be, I kinda have that problem. But compared to the official bios I’m preparing for my characters, these are a LOT more nutshell. So try to see the description that way-my character is backgrounds, personalities, quirks and interests in a nutshell. As you can see, some are longer than others, depending on how meaty thier backstories are(Maheegan’s is especially like this since this is the first time I’m telling y’all about her).

So yeah, that’s that, pretty much. I might make more of these when I get around to it, but I have a strong feeling that I’ll be very busy soon, since I’m getting into my new school semester and a lot of big things have confirmed to be happening. I’ll see what happens. Till next time, and happy 2018, btw:D

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