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Gateway A character: Magical gardener dragon child by DreamCentral Gateway A character: Magical gardener dragon child by DreamCentral
I’m back boi and I’ve got a lot of new ideas for Gatway Allies I need to start cracking at, starting with this one.

So I LOVE dragons. They are one of my favourite fantasy creatures, and when I began revamping this ongoing personal project of mine, I really wanted to incorporate some awesome giant magical lizards into it, and since Gateway A is fantasy in theme, dragons are perfect for it. But for the longest time I wasn’t sure HOW exactly I was gonna go about doing that, but as of yesterday, I finally came up with some plans and character ideas.

One thing I realized during this was that, throughout story/film media, there is plenty of dragon related media, but in quite a chunk of it. I don’t feel like the dragons get to be actual characters. I mean them showing up as a story element that drives or guides the main characters or being the grand climax of an epic battle or just there cool and magnificent is fine and all, but I sometimes wish that these creatures get to have roles where the audience can become as invested in them, and not just veiw them as giant, cool monsters, but real, relatable, and believeable as well. How to train your dragon does this, where Toothless and the other dragons aren’t just there to be the Viking’s sweet rides, but have so much importance and individuality to them, and they(to me at least)are great, real characters, just like the human characters.

So I’ve decided to come up with dragons that are legitimate characters, and will have development and background and personalities. This dragon is one of them. He’s new, so I don’t have to much to say on him yet, but I will say that 1: He’s kind of inspired of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter in character traits, 2: He’s a sorcerer who has special abilities rooted in nature, and he’s the best damn gardener the world of Alliemos/Earth has to offer, 3: He forms a strong friendship to Magitrix, partly because she has a special gift for being able to successfully emotionally connect to dragons for reasons I’ll leave a mystery for now, and they kinda become magic study buddies and overall buds. 4: Still thinking of a name for him

And yeah, that’s all for now. I got a lot more ideas to get down, so see y’all then!
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