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Foxy the artist by DreamCentral Foxy the artist by DreamCentral
It's occurred to me I haven't shown off my interpretations of Foxy as much as Mangle(at least, not individually) which I definitely want to do some more, because he has a story I've developed to make very deep, both in the main AU and in the Anthro AU. These drawing are set in the Anthro AU, but the main trait I'm taking about here applies to all my versions of him really. In the AU(s)

Top: "See you later, love."

Foxy is going to work(and by work I mean doing artist things)but doesn't leave without giving a good morning nuzzle to Mangle, who has passed out on the couch for some reason(probably stayed up late with Springtrap playing video games and took a sleeping pill a bit too early in the night, since they ended up fast asleep right there before they could get up to go to theirs and Foxy's room). Mangle is prone to terrible nightmares and night terrors(PTSD symptoms) and as such, takes medication to sleep better. They also, especially during thier first first few months home with thier friends, ended up taking their most rested and peaceful naps wrapped up in Foxy's arms. The usually hyper, talkative and constantly vibrating with thoughts fox falls asleep very easily when in his embrace. He makes them feel safe and protected, like nothing bad can happen to them. And you might notice their smiling as Foxy gives them his good morning:)

Sorry, I know this post is meant to be about Foxy, but that's just a headcanon I have about the sleeping behaviour of Mangle the fox.

In the AU(s), Foxy is certainly an artist. Whilst he may not be an quick thinking, hawk-eyed brilliant mind like Mangle, he has his own kind of very deep, and very strong intellect(that you better not insult when Mangle’s in the proximity, because watch out, they'll go on FIERCE defense mode). He’s very creative and crafty, and constantly creates images of things and landscapes in his mind. He loves drawing, painting, sewing and making clothing, and the odd bit of sculpting as well. I’d imagine that his current projects at the time of this picture are large mural paintings, that he’s getting paid to make around the town. The outside walls of the pizzeria he and his family live in are decorated with his painted works. Art is a big part of him, and is something that he channels his heart and emotions into. Half because he likes the feeling of it, half because it helps to keep him away from his feelings of depression. That leads me to a message-if you are having bad feelings as of late, I suggest to get busy with your interests, hobbies, or anything that keeps you working and active. It helps pull me out of darkness, and I think it can do the same for a lot of people. Just putting that out there:)

Bottom right: Everyone, meet anthro teenager Foxy! Cute as a button, extremely troubled and kind of embarrassed that you’ve discovered his “hidden” talents right now.

In the Anthro AU, Foxy’s teen years were...pretty messed up, to say the least. What exactly made them a complete disaster for him is a very long story suitable for another time, but I will say that his art talents were taking a backseat behind all his dark thoughts and emotions plaguing him. And when he did exercise his skills, he kept it hidden from others for fear of being insulted and chastised for it. He only brought them to light when Bonnie, who was gradually becoming his boyfriend at the time, saw his secret stash of his art, showed his approval, and then had a long talk with Foxy about how he shouldn't hide his talents. Because, dude, you’re Foxy. Why do you care what others think of you? After that, he slowly began to go back into his art, but only took it up as a profession way later, after he started dating Mangle, who gushed about how awesome his work is and encouraged the frig out of him to go for it. 

Bottom Left: An inner and outer peek at(one)of Foxy’s sketchbooks.

Here’s the thing about my interpretation of Foxy-I’ve poured a lot of myself into his character. Not the depression or self harm part(don’t worry, I haven't ever had serious depression, nor have I hurt myself intentionally. I created that part of him from other inspirations)but many of the other things about him, mainly his personality and interests. And for sure the arty part. What Foxy’s sketchbooks look like are basically what my sketchbooks look like. As you can see, we are not organized or clean-freak people in the slightestXD

Foxy’s character great to work on, because I relate to him in my own ways, and my interpretation of him really is a lot like me when I think about it. Though I put a bit of myself in all the characters, Foxy is the one who I’ve poured myself into the most. Goes to show, I love this fox❤

FNAF and it’s very normal and totally not haunted robots belong to Scott Cawthon. I don't think I’m the right person to ever develop a video game, but I am a good person for rambling headcanons about them, particularly FNAF, and is interested to hear if you guys have any:)

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