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Foxy(rough sketch) by DreamCentral Foxy(rough sketch) by DreamCentral
It's taken me a long time, but I'm finally satifised with mu design of my AU's Foxy. At least I think I am.
I'm really happy about it, because following Mangle, Foxy is my second favourite animatronic. I'm quite fond of this pirate fox fella. In fact I have an entire personality bio about him for my AU, so, uh, bonus below!:D

Foxy the Pirate Fox
Gender: Male
Nicknames: Foxy, Rouge(by Mangle), Cap’n Redbeard, The pirate(humans only), Star(by Mangle again),Bro-Bro(BB and JJ)

Foxy is normally very laidback and cool headed. He isn’t one to get pestered easily, is very chill, easygoing, and patient, and is very good at making others feel better- His silly, awesome sense of humour is impossibly to not crack up from, and he is a good listener, easy to talk to about personal problems. However, there are certain things...threatening his loved ones safety, seeing unforgivable deeds being committed on others...that bring out his hellfire temper. He is unspeakably loyal, and cares immensely for his friends, his Mangle, and those he calls family. From both past experiences and his own personality, he is always prepared to defend his loved ones, and though he is more of a lover, he will be a fighter if you push him.

Foxy enjoys darkness and silence, and has a better time thinking alone. This can make him seem very withdrawn, and it can be hard to get to know him due to his introverted personality. However, under that shell, you’ll find that he is extremely kind, caring, thoughtful, creative, brave, honest, and righteous. Though as easygoing as Foxy is most of the time, he can be impetuous and stubborn, often wanting to deal with his problems himself without help. When frustrated, he can act brash, and he needs some serious alone time to chill out. This is part of his more emotional side, the part that comes out when he’s being loving or angry.

Foxy has a hidden dark side, much like everyone else in the pizzeria. In times of grieving or internal suffering, he feels violent urges that he deals with through self-mutilation. Many of the tears on his body are from his own hook. Deep inside he has feelings of depression that stem from the pain and loss that has happened to him and his friends over the years. Even though he takes some happiness in having alone time, he doesn't want to be truly alone. He has had insecurities about his reason to live, and used to constantly feels like he was...just a robot. Nothing, a worthless hunk of metal. And if he lost his friends, or/and the animatronic who he loves more than anything in the entire world, he would be pushed over the edge with grief. Foxy has deep, internalized insecurities, but he tries to look to the brighter side of life, and has is satisfied with those he loves by his side to keep living. The truth is, Foxy is a shining star of hope for his friends. He’s doesn't fully know the effect he has on others, but regardless, he constantly does his best to inspire others with that hope.


Mangle is the love of Foxy’s life. They have a very close and trusting relationship. They share the same passionate and brave spirits, though Foxy often acts as the more calm and patient one whilst Mangle is much more impulsive. Foxy is usually the one who is able to calm Mangle down and comfort them when they need it. Though Foxy is more or less withdrawn round certain other animatronics, with Mangle, he is able to let his guard down and be everything he is on the inside. He is openly compassionate and affectionate towards them, going out of his way to make them laugh or smile. He playfully flirts with them(mostly with puns and goofy antics, but he knows how to be smooth and can make one hell of an innuendo. Mangle is not good at hiding the fact they love this.), and he can be a tease when he wants to be, and he can be very suave and sweet with his words and actions towards them.

Foxy trusts and respects Mangle like no other, and is able to understand their needs, feelings, or desires at any moment, and he will do everything he can to make sure they are alright in the aftermath. Foxy understands Mangle can take care of themselves in most situations(and is actually really attracted to them when they show their capability)but that doesn’t mean he isn’t fiercely protective of them. He would never allow anything or anyone to hurt, threaten, push into an uncomfortable situation or just basically do anything that upsets them or harms one hair on their head, because, well, ever been curious about the wrath of a animatronic pirate fox? Well then, that's how you learn about it.

When they first met and became friends, Foxy had a hard time figuring out his feelings, although he had been there before with Bonnie, he wasn’t sure if he should trust how hard he was falling, so he attempted to deny it. It was only when Mangle and the other Toys were gone and he and his friends became the face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza again that his thoughts were constantly on them, that he eventually realized he was utterly, hopelessly, completely and badly in love with them. He was absolutely destroyed when the crew found the Toy animatronics in the warehouse, and Mangle was nowhere to be found.

Before he could do anything to himself out of grief, Bonnie found documents that confirmed Mangle was not destroyed, but was moved to another location. With that, he and his friends set off to find Mangle-and long story short-They found them, found out Mangle’s mind was wiped, blah blah angst, blah blah trying to figure out what to do, blah blah found Mangle and Springtrap on the side of a road, having escaped the location. They were reunited, Mangle's memories having returned thanks to Springtrap, and Foxy and Mangle could finally say “I love you” to each other. As Mangle recovered from their traumatic experience, Foxy was by their side for every moment they needed him. They've been inseparable ever since.

JJ and BB

Foxy is an older brother figure to both BB and JJ. After meeting the two, he quickly grew quite attached to the excitable, innocent, curious little Balloon Boy, and the quiet and shy, but secretly spunky and adventurous JayJay. It was thanks to them that he was able to get so close with Mangle, and gain their trust, and learn to trust them. He’s incredibly fun with the two and enjoys their company, and acts not just as their older brother, but a tall and furry bodyguard and advisor. He cares for them very much, and is just as protective of them as he is of Mangle. Both BB and JJ feel the most comfortable talking to him about their problems, for Foxy will always listen and help them figure out how to sort it out themselves, and his patience and understanding keeps them from feeling unsure about opening up to him.

Foxy and BB overall having a playful and loving dynamic, having fun with each other and comforting each other. He greatly supports BB’s gender fluidity, and encourages him to be who he is and not let anyone tell him otherwise. Foxy himself enjoys playing as the opposite gender sometimes, and can understand dealing with the discrimination and acceptance of it.

JJ and Foxy, due to both being introverted animatronics, and both having an attachment to the darkness and solace(though Foxy worries that JJ spends too much time isolated, and he tells her that it’s okay to like being alone, but you can't close yourself away from those who care about you), they just get each other, on a different level than everyone else. JJ isn't one for open affection, but she does love Foxy a lot, and he knows this, she just shows it in her own way, either through playful teasing or moments of comfortable silence. Foxy will often do things to make JJ laugh, like say a bad pun, or make up a silly tale, and he always succeeds, regardless of how much she tries not to laugh.


Foxy and Bonnie are very close friends. They don’t have really have “normal” interactions, and don't make small talk a lot, but they're tight. Foxy cares a lot for Bonnie, places a lot of trust in him, and respects his honesty and integrity. He knows very well of Bonnie’s issues with controlling his inner dark side, something that causes him problems that are similar to those of bipolar disorder. He does his best to comfort him, and though Bonnie can be a bit too defensive, he manages to see past that(he is just able to see straight into Bonnie in general) and get through to him. They generally have a mutual platonic love for each other, and they’ve got eachother's backs, always.

Bonnie was actually a previous romantic relationship for Foxy, the only one before Mangle, back when they were first put in business. They just had an odd attraction towards each other, and though it was awkward at first, they got more comfortable with each other, and fell into a kind-of relationship that wasn't really official. They had strong feelings towards one another, feelings they couldn’t really understand, and sort of naively continued with their romantic dynamic, unsure where to go from there.

Eventually, when they were put out of business and replaced, they broke it off, both realizing that in their current predicament, they couldn't keep their “relationship” up without causing more pain than necessary. They look back on their past love with both humour and nostalgia. They’ve grown up since then, and learned and moved from the experience, and Foxy was able to sort out his love for Mangle, and go into a stable, happy relationship. They don't regret any of the moments they had, because they really did have fun together, and had good memories, but they can now look back on it as friends, even closer than before. He hasn't failed yet.


Foxy and Chica are best pals, and he adores the little chicken like a sister. Chica is very caring and giving towards Foxy, and she was the first to understand his love for Mangle(next to Bonnie, that story is a bit more complicated) and supports their relationship, though is slightly jealous that Foxy found such a close romantic attachment that she doesn't think she’ll ever have. Foxy respects Chica, and knows that she shouldn't be misjudged, or it’ll bring out the side of her he is admittedly terrified of. They are both artists, in their own way, so they have a sort of friendly rivalry where they try to one up the others abilities, but it’s really just to spend time together. Mostly. Foxy hates seeing Chica upset, and he often kicks the comedian in him into overdrive to cheer her up.


Foxy considers Freddy a friend, and respects his position as leader. He will listen to him and trust his word, BUT. Their relationship is still a bit complicated. They get along most of the time, but are both still wildly different animatronics. Whilst Foxy is go-with-the-flow and is more willing to look to the future with hope and optimism, Freddy is an extreme hardass and it seems like he’s always trying to set back the clock. He is unable to let go of the past days of the business, and this leads him to be temperamental and unwilling to see outside of his own views of how things should be. This is completely opposite to Foxy, who is comparatively much more open minded. Foxy is frustrated that his stubborn fixation on the past puts a strain on his friendships, and they’ve gotten into more than a couple of heated arguments.

Despite their differences, deep down, they actually have a lot in common, though they don't realize, and they genuinely care for and love each other as friends. Freddy has always looked out for Foxy, and he will do the same.

Toy Chica/Toy Bonnie/Toy Freddy

Foxy gets along well with these guys. Much like the rest of his friends, he used to be unsure and wary of them, but this was only really because of the pain he saw his fellow band members feeling. After becoming close with the Balloon Twins and Mangle, he was willing to try and make ends meet with them. It worked.

He considers Toy Chica a close friend, and is awed by her intellect and assertiveness. He doesn't know about Toy Chica’s crush on Mangle, but does pick up on the strong feelings of compassion and friendship the Toy Chica feels for Mangle, and appreciates how much she cares for their well being. Toy Bonnie jokingly flirts with Foxy, and is open about his attraction towards him(hey there handsome, thoughtful pirate fella) but it’s never gone beyond that(Toy Bonnie doesn’t really like like him, he just finds him appealing)and Foxy doesn’t feel the same. He usually brushes it off or says something back that’ll catch Toy Bonnie off guard and leaving him scrambling away, fluffy and trying to get his cool back. Aside from that, they are pretty good friends, able to enjoy each other's goofy antics. On another hand, Toy Freddy and Foxy aren’t very close, for Foxy doesn’t really appreciate his arrogance and self-absorbed laziness, but if Toy Freddy tries to hide his care for his friends, he doesn't do a good job, and Foxy doesn't try to assume things.

Golden Freddy/Springtrap

Foxy is...unsure how exactly he feels for Springtrap and Golden Freddy. With Golden Freddy, he appreciates his polite nature and intelligence, and sees that determination to make things right in his life, something he can attest to. But still, he kind of just...showed up one day, without explanation, though he isn’t meant to exist anymore. It’s...odd to wrap his head around. Regardless, he is friendly towards him, but still wonders: How much has that lad really gone through, and what has it done to him?

Foxy is able to consider Springtrap a friend, though he doesn’t really understand the tsundere-aggression facade he keeps up. He isn’t like Springtrap in terms in intelligence or nature, but he can tell that Springtrap is a very smart, determined, and secretly compassionate animatronic. He reminds Foxy a lot of Mangle, which he can appreciate him for, and he can tell Springtrap is very troubled, and has a lot to sort out in his life that Foxy doesn't try to pry in, but he is willing to reach out his hand to help the bunny up when they need it. He is mostly able to get along with the bunny since Mangle says he’s their best friend, and is grateful that Springtrap helped save Mangle’s life in the sister location.


This animatronic is mysterious, quiet, and seems to always be thinking. It’s kind of uncomfortable to be around them for very long. They give off such a weird, powerful vibe, that implies they are capable of more than they let on. But they are also a well meaning, clumsy kid of an animatronic, and Foxy finds them kind of enduring. He considers the Marionette a friend, and is willing to defend them as much as he would his closer family. Once, Toy Freddy made an annoyed, snide remark at the thin, awkward puppet that, let’s just say, made them make sounds that resembling a little kid crying, and Toy Freddy found himself cowering beneath a tall, red, very angry fox.

Yeah, told you guys I was serious about thisXD
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