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Fangle Mornings 2 by DreamCentral Fangle Mornings 2 by DreamCentral
Decided to do more morning Fangle goodness, humanized this time round. I think a reason for making these is that a lot of the ideas I get about Foxy and Mangle(or any characters I ship) in romantic settings happen in the morning:) (Smile) 

And yes, those are the human designs for Tony Crynight's Foxy and Mangle I made up in this, but here it's not in the context in his universe-or mine. I just wanted to try something new(as you may have noticed) and I decided to use those human designs so I didn't have to come up with other ones, and allow them to have a romantic morning together in this drawingHeart 
So yeah, Mangle does look more feminine than how I usually draw them here, but that doesn't mean they can't be non-binary in this context.

Another thing I wanna say before I clock out for the night-Yes, this is a little bit suggestive, as you can see. It's certainly the most mature thing I've ever posted, but I don't think I reqiures a "Mature Content warning". This is more fluffy than anything(what isn't when it comes to the things I drawXD) and wether this is post or pre, very intimate action is up to what you wanna think.

And that's all for today, Night folks. Ya know the deal, FNAF and it's characters belong to Scott Cawthon, Art by me, blah de blah.
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November 20, 2017
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