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FNAF crossovers-Gravity Falls with JayJay and BB by DreamCentral FNAF crossovers-Gravity Falls with JayJay and BB by DreamCentral
Did this for fun-a crossover with my FNAF
AU and Gravity Falls, one of the best shows I've ever watched! I drew the Balloon Twins as the Pine Twins-JayJay as the adventurous and mystery-loving nerd Dipper, and BB as the adorkable ball of sunshine Mabel. Seriously, in terms of personalities, these two fit very well as the Pine Twins.

I also think of other FNAF AU characters that work well as Gravity Falls characters-Springtrap as Grunkle Stan( Spring trap May not as interested in making money as Stan is, but they are both old and secret badasses whose actions are usually always for protecting thier family)Golden Freddy as Ford(Both are geniuses, both end up trapped in another dimension at some point, both are the parallels to thier respective Stan's or Springtrap's, and seriously, just the best fit.)

I think Foxy would be a male version of Wendy, since their personalities are similar in a lot of ways, Mangle would probably be a more mature yet more eccentric version of Soos, and Bill Chiper? His shoes would be filled in by none other than Shadow Bonnie. Seriously, if I ever met, they get along like a house on fire(and then probably go and set some houses on fire and wrap people's dreams together)so he's the best fit. That's all I got for now, but I might explore this fun little crossover later:)
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September 30, 2017
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