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Chica by DreamCentral Chica by DreamCentral
It occurred to me the other day that Chica is one of my last drawn animatronics(the others being Springtrap and Toy Freddy) And I actually really like this chicken, so here we are.

Anthro again:)
I've imagined Chica has a motherly, sweet, optimistic, sometimes too kind and generous for her own good-but strong and intuitive as well. I wanted to design her in a way that does her sunny personality justice. I think I managed it. Also I just really wanted to draw Chica with the cute chubby features I draw picture her with in my AU wearing tidy casual clothes and looking pretty.

Headcanons about Chica(Anthro AU)

-In the Anthro and Human FNAF AU's of mine, Chica would be working towards becoming a professional chef, and run a bakery, with CiCi and BonBon as her employees. She's a MASTERFUL cook, her specialties being baking, and her favourite thing to make are(what else?XD) pizzas.

-Chica acts as a mother figure to BB and JayJay, who were both orphaned at an age young enough that they don't really remember their parents at all(at least, BB doesn't, JayJay vaguely has recollection of a shadowy man who she feels is her father). Even though Foxy and Mangle are unofficially adoptive siblings to the twins, and both look out an care for them, Chica is the one who has custody as their guardian(Foxy and Mangle both knew she would be the most able to be responsible for the kids). Chica loves being a mother figure, and truly sees the twins as her children. She defiantly wants to bear a child of her own one day...
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June 16, 2017
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