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Bonnie the Bunny by DreamCentral Bonnie the Bunny by DreamCentral
Decided to give one of these to the FNAF AU Bonnie! This is his final design, cause, well, there really isn't much else needed to be added to him. You know, Bonnie isn't in my top 3 favourite animatronics(Mangle, Foxy, and Freddy)and I never really considered him a favourite before, but it seems he's now gotten himself a special, emotional place in my heart reserved for characters I'm most invested and devoted to...maybe it's his cute bow tie?

Or maybe I just love him. Oh, criminey, how did this happen.

Anyhowsies, let's give him a character summery like we did for Mangy, cause it's fun.

Bonnie the rockstar rabbit is only a bit taller than the average male adult, a thin and kind of noodley body type, with fluffy purple bunny fur. He was purposely built to look unassuming, docile, and just a harmless rabbit, to make people less fearful to be near the animatronics, and as a contrast to the large leader Freddy and the lean and more rugged and athletic looking pirate fox Foxy.

Even now that there is no need for the animatronics follow programming, his "frightened rabbit" facade sticks-he often just rolls with stuff in a "meh" fashion, can be a pushover, doesn't have a lot of confidence that he can be anything other than what he was built to be, is easily scared and doesn't like brashness, is very private, withdrawn, and awkward-but he should not be underestimated, because frightened rabbits? They fight the friggn' hardest. Bonnie is very intelligent, observant, a expert bullshiz detector, analytical of a situation and when the situation calls for it, he can be courageous and a strong leader when there is no one else. He has a strong moral compass, and if you ever mess with his friends he can and will scratch your f**kings eyes out. He has a sarcastic sense of humour and is prone making snappy, sharp remarks. He loathes lying, stupidity, and is bluntly honest and straightforward. his closed off and dry demeanour is hard to get past, he can be comical and easygoing with his friends, incredibly kind and passionate, selfless, and has a lot of wisdom stored up in him.

Bonnie enjoys playing guitar, making songs and singing(he has a wonderful singing voice, and everyone knows he does but he very much denies it), he also enjoys magic tricks, good 90’s rock music(don't ever say Queen is not one of the best bands in the history of ever to his face. Seriously, don't)talking to Toy Chica(though they butt heads a lot they do have conversations that make Bonnie feel open and energized), and sometimes he acts as night time security guard just for fun and to mess with his friends(though he’s in all honesty really good at monitoring the pizzeria through the security cams)He also likes romance movies and books, because as much as he’s a snarky nerd he’s also a doofy, sappy romantic. He's a close best friend to Foxy, and was his boyfriend up until they were replaced by the Toy’s. Nowadays he’s a big supporter of Foxy’s relationship with Mangle, and he was the one who figured out that Mangle had been relocated, not destroyed, and aided Foxy in traveling across the country to find them. He’s truly, genuinely happy for him and Mangle being committed together-even though his romantic feelings for Foxy are not exactly gone. But he deals-Foxy’s happy with Mangle, after all, and Bonnie would do anything to keep Foxy-and all his loved ones-happy.

He's also the one who would break the forth wall. And eyebrow raises are practically trademark with him.

I added a bit more juice to this one than I did for Mangle, I just realized that. I want these little character summers to be equal in info, so I think I'll go back and change Mangle's a bit, so be sure to check that out!

As usual: FNAF, Bonnie, and the other bots are owned by Scott Cawthon, I'm just a FNAF AU creator who likes to interpret empty husk characters and hopefully make them emotionally investing.
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Bonnie looks so cool nice😊
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