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Perfect Pair
This has been chilling in my stash for faaaaaaaaaar to long.

I planned to upload this with a full description describing how Foxy and Mangle met and the beginning of thier romantic feelings for each other, as well as some fact she about thier relationship as a whole....but with like a lot of my writings i don’t have them prepared enough yet-.-

I will upload that description soon though I just you wait
Drake Kumar
My favourite dork boi

Hey all, I’m in England right now and my tablet and digital drawing software is back home-on the other side of the AtlanticXD-so any digital art for the next two weeks is stashed stuff, like this character study sheet of my FNAF AU Drake I did a few days ago(back home)

I feel like this is a good time to tell you this-my FNAF AU story has been significantly revamped, concerning the two main human protagonists, Savannah and Drake. The original story is that they would by murdered by the Purple Guy 3 yrs prior to the main events of the story, 1994, and there would be one season where the would be alive and the main focus. The rest of the time, they are ghosts who have to free their souls to fight against William Afton with the animatronics. Well, after a lot of thinking, I’ve decided to give the two kids a chance. I’m gonna keep them alive, as the leads of the human plot in story(there’s the animatronics plot, that focuses on the robots we know and love, and the human plot, which focuses on the human characters-most my own ocs. The two plots intersect.) Also I ship them so hard I want them to have a chance

To summarize, Savannah and Drake are 15 yr olds who attempt to solve the mysteries behind Fazbear entertainment. This being Savannah’s family business, she is adamant to get to the bottom of what’s causing all the corruption, and Drake aids and supports her, being her first real friend. A year of this goes on and they make a BIG breakthrough, enough that William Afton, who unbeknownst to them is the “Purple Man”, a feared serial child killer, attempts to “silence” them, if ya know what I mean. Fortunately, he fails, but unfortunately, both Drake and Savannah are severely injured by the encounter(Drake more so-Afton wanted to keep Sav alive for reasons🙄) and while Savannah awakens in a hospital not too long after, Drake falls into a coma. A distraught Sav realizing that the Purple Man is keeping her around for an end goal, and will dispose of anything of anyone(Drake)that tries to get her away from his evil plan. Fearing the safety of him and all the friends she’s come to know over the past year, she runs away, wanting to figure out how to stop Afton herself. When Drake wakes up a few days later, the first question out of his mouth being “Where’s Savannah?”. And things go from there~~~

That’s just the urgent new story idea. It may change.

Drake is kind, goofy, creative, reflective, kinda awkward, loyal and gold-hearted. He’s introduced as a insecure and withdrawn boy who feels constantly trapped and helpless due to the situation around him. But when he forms a bond with Savannah - a mysterious girl he encountered  a few years prior when she saved him from some bullies, and as such has always been enchanted by and wanted to get to know but was too nervous - she helps to bring out his true colours that have been kept under wraps-an adventurous, brave, artistically inclined and determined kid who will do anything for those he loves. He grows to have very strong feelings for Savannah that she returns, a simple crush turning into a deep and emotional love, and after a year of being her best friend, is willing travel across the whole dang country(more if he had to)and tussle with murderers to keep her safe.

I’ll upload some Drake character fun facts later:)
Teenage Bonivan sketch
Sketch for a future digital drawing of Bonivan from Humanized FNAF AU in his teen years-when he was known as Bonnie Huang. I’ve neglected doing charcter focus for my human FNAF characters other than Mangle and Foxy, so I’m changing that starting with Bon, focusing on his younger years and and transition from female to male in his teens.

I may not have time to turn this into digital before I go on vacation in a couple days with my family, but we’ll see.
Gender: Female
Species: Doll
Magical tutor
Co-founder of the Power for Parentless Alliance
The Doll Witch
To be a witch
To practice witchcraft
To turn her orphanage into a school
To fight for fair rights and bring peace between the Alliemos races
Magic, witchcraft, spending time with Sasethsu, training, casting and creating spells, thrills and excitement, animals, her voolings, dancing, sewing, cooking(in her own way), equality and justice, helping others, dueling, competition.
Racism, slavery, her friends getting hurt, people being underestimated or disregarded for their “status”, her hat being stolen or damaged, mentions of her mother, rules being forced, boredom, water.

Magitrix is of of the main protagonists of The Orphans Arc in Gateway Allies. She is a female doll who was created by Agatha, an old, bitter witch who was abusive towards Magitrix, attempting to raise her like a slave, like the rest of doll-kind has been treated for centuries. Not long after she was born, she showed she had magical powers. Her ‘mother’ forbade Magitrix to practice her skills, but Agatha’s sister, Esmerelda, a former witch that lost her powers and a war hero, saw the potential of the little doll, and truly cared for her and loved her like her she was her own daughter. Eventually, when the abuse for Magitrix threatened to become worse, Esmeralda sent Magitrix to the orphanage for Alliemos children, for her safety as well as her freedom.

Magitrix was, from then on raised in the orphanage, alongside John, a Scarecrow and son of a powerful wizard, and Sasethsu, lion/Sphinx demigod. She would also befriend other key characters. As time goes on, her passion for magic only grows, and she trains herself in witchcraft with the resources her caretakers can provide. She is fericley determined to follow her greatest ambition, and eventually become powerful enough to help people, and prove everyone has limitless potential.

After John leaves the orphanage to explore the world, she becomes a front-running advocate of turning the orphanage into a school for Alliemos children, and with Sasethsu, who becomes her best friend and confidant, (and eventually the love of her life), forms a team of other kids who make decisions on behalf of the interests of entire body of Orphans called the Power for Parentless Alliance. When she’s in her teens, Magitrix still resides in the Orphanage(now Alliemos School as well)and continues to better herself as a witch, but also will leave at times to discover new magic, aid people in need, and occasionally help John in his adventures around the world.


Magitrix is independent, ambitious, driven, and headstrong, and possesses a passionate and selfless spirit. She works hard towards accomplishing her goals, and pours intense focus and energy into what she wants to achieve. She is very determined and refuses to give up, and to instead find a solution and take action. She tries to keep the world in an optimistic perspective, and is very energetic and upbeat, though due to her overworking problems, it's very hard for her to relax, and she can be restless when she’s not busying herself. When she does manage to chill, though, she is playful with her friends, and is a voice of motivation for them, and is (sometimes overzealously) encouraging of them and their goals. Like John, she has a sense of adventure and enjoys learning new things.

She is driven to the point of stubbornness, often trying to solve her problems herself and not accepting assistance. She can be overly aggressive when making a point or encouraging someone, brash, reckless, blunt, and snarky, and she lacks self-preservation skills to a concerning amount. She is also rather short-tempered and irritable, especially when she is working relentlessly in her magical training. Her anger is fierce and and her impulse can often cloud her better judgment, until everything backfires on her. In this case, she rushes to fix the damage she has done before it gets worse and make up for it, and genuinely feels guilty if she has put anyone in the line of hurt.

Magitrix is very clever and resourceful, and a good improviser with her surroundings and her magic. She also has a rather rebellious nature-she isn't unwilling to disobey commands or break school rules if it's for something important, and she, admittedly, enjoys the thrill of doing so, but she feels greater satisfaction in getting to a good end result. She prefers to work without guidelines and rules to have freedom. She is courageous, enthusiastic, bold, assertive, creative, and can be a force to be reckoned with at her highest point of power. Her love of learning, creating, and casting spells means that she studies immensely in magical arts, and her knowledge of such expands much farther than any of her fellow orphans and classmates. She despises being underestimated or misjudged for being a doll, a species that was enslaved on Alliemos and severely mistreated by the chaste system. Magitrix will do everything in her power to prove not just her own potential and worth, but that of any creature discriminated and assumed lesser than others for their species.

Magitrix is well-known among her peers for being a Witch prodigy, as well as being the co-founder of the PFPA. She understands this, and though this leads to her feeling pressure to not ever let anyone down about her abilities, she does not let vanity or pretentiousness get to her head. She strives to top herself with everything she does and always works hard to get better. She is kind and considerate towards her friends and classmates (unless it’s someone she holds a resentment for), and shows excitement for them when they accomplish something, no matter of it’s big or small. She is a motivational, passionate leader for the PFPA who comes up with many the ideas for their group endeavours, and she shows excitement whenever she or her friends accomplish something, no matter if it’s big or small. She is always willing to help anybody who comes to her for magical assistance and is generous with her powers, but will not allow anyone to use her talents for selfish purposes. She treats the magical creatures she creates as cherished pets, but not in a subordinate way. She is loving to them, doting to them, and treats them as equals and gives them the freedom to have their own fun. She is a loyal and giving friend, and as important as witchcraft is for her, she will set it aside in sensitive situations that no magic can fix, and just be there for her loved ones.

Magitrix will fiercely stand up for others and for what is right, and she always exerts the ideals of choice and free will-being a witch, after all, is all about choices, and what you choose to do with the magic you possess. But she also knows there is a line to be drawn when that magic is used to hurt other people. Her desire to prove that she-and anyone can be anything they set their mind and heart to is one of her driving factors to her ambitions-she wants to help others who are tied down by ranking or discrimination liberate themselves, and show them that there is so much more potential in them than they are told they have. Despite her outer brashness and ambition sometimes getting the better of her and making her hard to work alongside, at her core, Magitrix is compassionate and caring girl who has her heart in the right place and wants to help people any way she can.

Though Magitrix tries to keep up a proud and confident demeanour of a witch who promises to do great things, in truth, she has many self doubts. She doesn't respond well in failure, pushing herself even harder to try and fix things to an unhealthy degree, that leaves her bitter, apathetic, and completely unable to feel enjoyment from what she loves. She can be completely averse to talking about her feelings and problems, and when her intense towards a cause Is driven by her burdens, she can end becoming cold and dismissive towards her friends offers to help unconsciously.

Even though Magitrix’s morals are genuine, she has a lot of deep-seated, crippling insecurities that stem from what many others regard as a thing, meant only to act as a simple service to others. It’s not just that she wants to be a witch-she believes she needs to be, not just to prove her moral cause but also prove she’s not worthless, and is good enough to fulfill her dreams and protect her loved ones. Not to mention that, as a young child, before she came to the orphanage, Magitrix was a victim of emotional (and sometimes physical)abuse inflicted by her mother. Without her aunt, Magitrix never would have made it through those times, and never would have escaped it. This is the root of her anger and pain, and these traumas are ghosts behind her decisions in becoming a witch. Though Magitrix despises her mother and refuses to talk about her, the domineering shadow of the woman still haunts her. Her Mother would berate Magitrix constantly, attempt to control her and repress her, and tell her many times that she’s disposable and a waste of space. The seeds of Magitrix’s future issues were planted then, and she secretly feels that everything she does, everything she is, is worthless, which bleeds into her motivations to be a witch, and how she thinks others view her. In short, Magitrix suffers from self-worth issues. She denies them furiously, and tries desperately to push them away.

Magitrix loves action and thrills, and she enjoys going out into the field and getting her hands dirty in adventuring. She likes discovering new spells, casting spells, spending time with Seth and training with her voolings. Despite her passion for excitment, she does enjoy humble, wholesome activities as well. She likes cooking, sewing, and is a pretty good artist in traditional forms. She gets quite a kick out of dueling, and is very competitive and sometimes aggressive when it comes to fighting with magic. She also holds nature and animals with high importance, as it’s a common belief in witch culture that the land and it’s creatures are sacred and essential. That, and she has always adored animals, and thinks they are all awesome, including the weaker, unassuming ones. She is a stunningly good dancer, being fast, agile, and flexible. And despite her denials, she has a fear dislike of water, since she’s a doll, when her skin is soaked it becomes heavy and she can't walk or do anything. She also chews her hair when she’s stressed, hence why her locks look rather frayed at the ends.

Relationships(can/will be updated)


-Sasethsu(Best friend, teammate, crush/love interest)
-John the Scarecrow(Close friend, estranged friend, teammate)
-Maheegan(Close friend, teammate)
-Naja(Close friend, teammate)
-Spirit of Hope(Caretaker, guardian, close friend, teammate)
-Marquis(placeholder name)-(Teacher, caretaker, guardian)
-Nurse(placeholder name)-(Teacher, caretaker, guardian)
-Tiki(placeholder name)-(Teacher, caretaker, guardian)
-Joanna/Elf gaurd(Allies, teammates, friends)
-Esmeralda(Estranged aunt)


-Agatha(Abusive estranged mother)
-Ezekiel(Rival, enemy)
-Cobra(Rejected love interest, rival)

Powers/Abilities(can/will be updated)

-Magical strings that she summons from her arm stripes/hair(Unique quality)
-Creating life/sentient creatures(Unique quality)
-Magical fire(inherited from Esmeralda)
-“Puppeteer”magic(semi-capable, inherited from Agatha)
-Spell casting/creating spells(Witch quality)
-Self healing/limb regrowth/increased invulnerability(doll quality)
-Wand proficiency/Whip proficiency(Skill)
-Potion brewing(Witch quality)
-Talking to animals(Witch quality)
-Cooking/Traditional Art(Skills)

This is the best quality state I have this bio in at the moment, but I’ll be sure to add to it into the future! This is info about my original character Magitrix:) more of these are in the works.
Magitrix Personality bio by DreamCentral


DreamCentral's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
-Updated this bio lol-

Hello there, my name is Freya, but in the online art world I go by the nickname Dream. I'm a young, growing artist that is very serious about her passions. My entire life has revolved around art and drawing, and it continues to shape my identity. And now, I've decided to put myself out there and post some of my work online. On this page you can find my more "for fun" drawings, my own stories and my big, sometimes overthought ideasXD

I'm open to requests and collabs, but I don't allow bases of my art, and this is certainly a no-art-stealing zone. With all that said, feel free to look around and see some of the things I do:)

And remember, never let anyone stop you from being you.


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