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A Mind's Fantasy ((WIP)) by DreamcatcherSkies16 A Mind's Fantasy ((WIP)) :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 2 1 Grey Wing from Warrior Cats by DreamcatcherSkies16 Grey Wing from Warrior Cats :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 10 2 Kaelynn and The Wolf by DreamcatcherSkies16 Kaelynn and The Wolf :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 9 0 Yakumo Hisashi - An Anime-Based OC by DreamcatcherSkies16 Yakumo Hisashi - An Anime-Based OC :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 2 0 (CLOSED) WOLF ADOPT #1 FREE RAFFLE! (READ!) by DreamcatcherSkies16 (CLOSED) WOLF ADOPT #1 FREE RAFFLE! (READ!) :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 5 6 A Divided Family... by DreamcatcherSkies16 A Divided Family... :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 1 0 One Soul, Two Cats by DreamcatcherSkies16 One Soul, Two Cats :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 1 0 Between the Raindrops - OC MAP Intro(Link in Desc) by DreamcatcherSkies16 Between the Raindrops - OC MAP Intro(Link in Desc) :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 0 0 Sims 3 Warrior Cats Challenge Series Teaser by DreamcatcherSkies16 Sims 3 Warrior Cats Challenge Series Teaser :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 0 0 Between the Raindrops With You... - An OC MAP by DreamcatcherSkies16 Between the Raindrops With You... - An OC MAP :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 8 4 Warrior Cats ~ Jayfeather (REMAKE) by DreamcatcherSkies16 Warrior Cats ~ Jayfeather (REMAKE) :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 5 0 Thunder Wing the Hippogryph - MLP OC by DreamcatcherSkies16 Thunder Wing the Hippogryph - MLP OC :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 1 0 Fate Speaker - MLP OC by DreamcatcherSkies16 Fate Speaker - MLP OC :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 0 0 Heirs of Pyrrhia, Rise - Cover by DreamcatcherSkies16 Heirs of Pyrrhia, Rise - Cover :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 2 1 Queen Glacier from Wings of Fire by DreamcatcherSkies16 Queen Glacier from Wings of Fire :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 2 2 My OC Mane 6(Remake) by DreamcatcherSkies16 My OC Mane 6(Remake) :icondreamcatcherskies16:DreamcatcherSkies16 2 0



A Mind's Fantasy ((WIP))
Here's a WIP(Work in Progress) Drawing I'm making. Honestly, I don't really know how to explain A Mind's Fantasy other than the fact that it's a world of imagination in my head that both has original characters I made, or characters that already exist in movies, books, games, comics, etc. I've been planning this world and all that goes on in it ever since I was seven! So, that makes this world currently six years old! Only a few months ago or a year ago, I decided to start making this never-ending story into a future book series! In this drawing that's still a work in progress is a hybrid. It's a picture of me holding up a picture for this series and then adding digital art upon it of some of the few (main)characters out of many more! I'm sure you also realize that my drawing on paper has a pen name instead of my real name. That's because when I actually start writing and publishing books, I want to be put under this name possibly. To be continued when the final piece is finished...!

Note: Yes, you guys can finally see half of my face...! 
No full face though for a long time or even never so don't even start asking!
Grey Wing from Warrior Cats
Originally, I was going to do the Warrior Cat 30 Day Challenge with Grey Wing as my favorite character, however this summer is quite busy for me, I'm trying to manage two YouTube channels(One Now for Art and Stuff and the Second One Will be For Star Stable Online Stuff), I'm writing many books, I'm part of a 4H group so I'm helping the community often, and the fact that I have a miniature horse I have to take care of who's also a therapy horse, meaning I'm all over the place.
I would post more art, however, I need to work on speedpaints for them first or I never had the time to work on them. However, now that I'm finally on summer break, I hope to post as much as I can! ^^
Kaelynn and The Wolf
Finished this hours ago. So proud of how it turned out! This is planning to be a picture I may use for a casting call of mine in the future.

It's a fanmade Five Nights at Freddy's series I made with all sorts of twists and turns to it. It's not entirely like the actual game series, however, I tried to make it as similar as I could. For example of something I know for sure is off from the real game is the fact that I have Phone Guy and Purple Guy alive in this. Also, the names I had given Phone Guy and Purple Guy aren't their real, official names(Phone Guy doesn't have an official name and Purple Guy is William Afton).

Even though I'm too much of a fan of Five Nights at Freddy's now than I was before when I made the first version of this series(which was rather cringy... -_-), I love all of the fanmade videos and the storyline to the series, so I still stuck to it today. 

I can't wait to get the remade version of this series up though, whenever that'll be. The new Evil Lurks series will not be cringy in basically every way that I made it cringy the first time. For example, all of the art that'll be used for the episodes will be done on my computer instead of on paper as well as using my own art(the old version of this series I ended up copying people's art... *sigh*). Another thing I'll be casting people to do the voices of the characters. Also, not to mention the fact that I won't have horrible sound quality like I did before!

I never even finished the first version of the series because it was so bad. I'm not even going to have the link of the old version of this series on here because it was so bad.

However, if you want to see it, on YouTube search up "Evil Lurks FNAF Series" and then there should be a playlist of it made by DreamingSkies(Me). However, I will warn you if you do watch it that it's terrible! I'm the person who made it two years ago and I'm saying it's bad! XD

NOTE!: I also have a speedpaint of this lovely drawing! Speedpaint can be found here:…
Yakumo Hisashi - An Anime-Based OC

    Last night I managed to finish this new piece of mine. Here's one of my few boys from a series I have planned named "Crimson Rose".
    I was inspired to make this series when I played an Anime Dating Simulator (don't judge me...) where the boys you could fall for were all supernatural of some kind (vampires, a werewolf, a guard that was turned into a cat, etc). The game was called "Blood In Roses".
    I have four boys: a vampire, a shapeshifter, a werewolf, and a demon. Yakumo Hisashi (his name is Japanese by the way so it fits the anime genre a bit more) is the shapeshifter. From birds to canines, to felines, to anything, Yakumo is capable of shifting into anything he pleases as well as gaining their abilities.
    Originally, his English name would've been Vick.
    Yakumo is a rather sweet guy compared to the other three. He's rather gallant to anyone and everyone he meets, however, he does have a dark side when it comes to protecting the ones that he loves. He also lost the majority of his family, but his sister (currently doesn't have a Japanese name) may still be alive.
    In general, this picture took me over two hours. I did this entire art piece not with Microsoft Paint and Pixlr Editor like I always had, but instead I did it all on MediBang Paint Pro, which is a free drawing program with no limits and trials. I discovered this program when I got into editing Minecraft Skins to make them look HD (which my current HD skin looks rather nice. I'll have to take a screenshot at some point in time).

I hope you enjoy this!
   ~ DreamingSkies

So, this is how this will work. Here, I have a wolf adoptable that I've made, however, there are a few rules in how to enter the raffle.


3. DO NOT claim this wolf or its design as your own before or after the winner is chosen.

4. Anyone is allowed to enter this.

5. This will now be ending on May 15 due to lack of people entering as of right now. ^^'

6. If you win the wolf, please don't resell it. However, I will accept trading and gifting it.

7. Don't be afraid to enter or ask questions! I'm very open to questions as well as giving advise to others, so there's no need to be afraid!


1. Commenting That You'll Enter and Favoriting is One Ticket

2. Being a Watcher of Mine is One Ticket. New Watchers are Welcome! Also, don't watch me just for this and then unwatch me afterwards.

3. Sharing With Others or Entering in a Poll/Journal Entry is 2 Points in Total(One For Each)

So, you can get up to 4 Tickets!

Lineart and Design for Adoptable: DreamingSkies(Me! :happybounce:)
A Divided Family...
"If we weren't in different clans maybe things could've been different Blaze... Now that they know the truth about us and the kits, we may never be able to have the future that we've dreampt of for all these years..." - Spirit

   Spirit and Blaze were kithood friends. They grew up together, trained together, and fought in battles together. Blaze had cared for Spirit and she cared for him, to the point of loving eachother. To be true, Blaze did love Spirit, but Spirit loved a different tom named Ender. However, Ender barely cared for her as a mate, and left her for another she-cat named Violet. Spirit was left broken and not even Coloratura could help her. Blaze had to step in. Surprisingly, he made her feel better and Spirit had even told him that she was foolish to pick Ender as a mate, instead of him. Blaze was surprised and he wanted to help her.

    After the war with the dogs when they fought side-by-side with one another, that's what brought them together. However, there was one thing in the way: the cats were all seperating into four clans. Blaze wanted to join Spirit's clan to be with her, but he was drawn to the clan that his parents and sister had joined instead. Soon, the two met up whenever possible as well as meeting up at gatherings. They promised one another that they'd be together one day with their kits. Soon though, another thing came: Spirit was pregnant Blaze's kits. She couldn't tell her clan about it being Blaze's so instead, she said it was Talon's.

   Once the kits, Hawk and Willow, were born, she had informed Blaze and told her to meet up with her in their normal spot, where Spirit would later bring the kits to him. However, they were seeing by Talon, who at the next gathering, told the clans that they weren't his kits and who their father really was. Spirit and Blaze knew that after that, they could never be together until they were in the heavens together.

Cats: Spirit(black and white cat with wings), Hawk(golden kit with wings), Willow(dark tabby kit), Blaze(bright golden tabby cat)
One Soul, Two Cats
    "Spirit and Coloratura... Two great leaders to us all... It was said that they were two sisters as one who had lost from one another, but one day found eachother once more as two cats instead of one. They were like sun and moon, day and night. Spirit was determined but also intuitive and understanding. Coloratura was stubborn and judgmental, as well as wise and not so confident. 
    For several moons to come I saw how they made eachother stronger. Without the other, they seemed powerless. They saw each others' faults and found ways to move past them when needed. In battle I would see them fight side by side, and they seemed unstoppable like the tides alongside the rocky shores.
    When Coloratura died, I saw how Spirit changed... She grew restless, frightened, and silent. With Spirit as my mother, it was a much greater pain upon me and Willow, but yet Winter and Thunder lost their mother. I thought that I wouldn't learn what that felt like for a long time.
    Before I knew it, Spirit was killed in battle too. Without Coloratura, I saw how weak she'd become, but yet, she seemed stronger that day. Something in Spirit sparked. I watched as her spirit ascended into the sky where she met with Coloratura. They seemed to form together, into one cat. Who would've known that two separate cats could ever be one soul when they grow so close?
    It also seemed as if Coloratura and Spirit's souls passed onto us cats left. More specifically Willow, Thunder, Winter, and I. Now Thunder and I will take their places as Alphas, carrying on the legacy that they have created in MoonClan... They won't be forgotten, I know that for sure... They're watching over us, I know that too... But knowing what will happen next and who shall live or die is still a mystery... Who knows what'll happen without them to defend us..."
                                  - Hawk (End of the "Ashes and Tears" Series)
Between the Raindrops - OC MAP Intro(Link in Desc)
This is a picture of 4 shots in my intro part of my "Between the Raindrops" OC MAP. You can find the full intro and MAP below. The MAP is still open if anyone wants to join!

Full Intro:…

Actual MAP:…
Sims 3 Warrior Cats Challenge Series Teaser
This is a little teaser pic of a series I plan to make on my YouTube Channel soon. I was inspired by Seri! Pixel Biologist!'s Sims 3 Warrior Cat Series. I made one episode in the past, but now, I'm planning to update it to be a much better version. Now, I'm finally a verified YouTube member, so now I can make videos longer than 15 minutes and make custom thumbnails. Also, I hope to do little scenes before, in between, or after the gameplay like Seri does, but I may plan to have castings and voice actors to voice them in those scenes to make it more advanced.

The picture here I took in the Sims 3 Game on the map I'll make my series in. More specifically, this picture was taken by the pond in HeatherClan's camp. The editing that I did afterwards I had done in Pixlr Express.

Also, on Warrior Cat Amino, I had asked my followers, friends, and other players what I should do for this series. The main character will be a kit, and the kit will be a member of HeatherClan. I hope to ask more questions and hold more polls for more details on this upcoming series. I also hope to post more teasers on Amino, YouTube and of course DeviantArt.

See you guys soon!
I would post more art, however, I need to work on speedpaints for them first or I never had the time to work on them. However, now that I'm finally on summer break, I hope to post as much as I can! ^^


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I'm currently in Middle School and I've liked to draw ever since I was little. I used to do it for fun, and I still do. Now though, I’m starting to draw for purposes on my channel like MAPs, other animations, stories, and other subjects relating to art.


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