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:A whole bussel of apples: by DreamCatcher16, visual art

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screenshot? by DreamCatcher16, visual art

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My Bio
Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: Everything
Favourite cartoon character: Ollie Williams, Genie, Gohan, Trunks, Michealangelo
Personal Quote: "Too much Pizza, too little Car"

Favourite Movies
Dark Knight, Kung Fu Panda, Bolt, Walle, Treasure Planet
Favourite Games
FF8 & 10, Infinite Undiscovery, Last Remnant, The World Ends w/ You, Kingdom Hearts, Chrono Trig
Favourite Gaming Platform
Indifferent. I have every one except the Wii
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, Ink, Wacom
Other Interests
Graphic Design, Drawing, Video Games, Anime, Reading, Hockey

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~batnoesplz (https://www.deviantart.com/batnoesplz) 540+ Devs. *DIES* This gonna take a while. [EDIT: Make that 1,200 devs o_______O;;;;] ~My Club~ :iconavatarnoncanon: [DEAD >.< Someday I'll pick this back up. My love for the series died with the finale] ~Clubs~ :iconToko-Fans: :iconavatar-fan: :icontoph-fans: :iconGaaraSakuraClub: :iconGakura-Club::iconNaruto-NonCanon: :iconsakuraclub: :iconSakuraHarunoClub: :icongaarafanclub: :iconZexion-fan-club::iconNova-club::iconrebootclub: :iconHostClub: :iconokami-lovers: :iconVampire-Knight-Club: :icontp-forever-club: :iconDBZ-Girls: :iconkai-lovers-klub: :iconEeveeFanClub: :iconHitsuKarin-fanclub: ~To Do list~ [how long ha
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As usual I haven't been on in a while. I spent the last while going through the 300+ dev and 100+ journals. I may not have commented but I assure you I read/viewed each and every one [I've had plenty of time at work to do so, DA is the only site not blocked XD]. I still have 4 more weeks left of work. I won't know what to do with myself after though, it'll be my first time not in school or working, ever! XD urgh, I need to start job hunting. I suppose I could continue exercising. I recently entered a weight loss competition and I'm in the lead with 9.5% as of yesterday [even though it doesn't look it]. I'm 3 weeks away from the end and I wa
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I am sooo not active enough to keep up with this account. I've been so caught up in video editting. [and work, that place takes up a good 40 hours of my week] I'm going to start commenting on your work tomorrow, and again Thank you for all the faves. I never imagined people would enjoy my dinky fanarts so much. Obviously people see something I don't, but thank you regardless. My computer search is failing badly. XD Damn you Sony! Why must you be so elusive! P.S. I got a job! It's only casual and it's not in the design field but it's a hell of alot better than what I'm used to... [money-wise....I suppose the work isn't THAT bad. Kinda tedi
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You're cute. ;D
D: This is totally random.
Is there a manga somewhere with your character "Teanna"?
I'd love to read it!
(My name is Teanna O.O)
ha ha~ Nope :P I'm not that talented to make one XD
Hey sweetie!!

How are you? Do you still draw as well? I also go to art school, so I haven't given up on art as my career, I just decided to enter as an animation student instead. (: Still means a lot to have old deviants stop by. <3

Annnd I know how you feel about those 6k+ messages built up over the years too....-_-;; haha. But I still occasionally poke around DA to see whats up. Although... I get more and more disappointed by what I see upon this website compared to the good old days...D:


sorry for the long wait...again. ha ha :P

I've been doing well, thank you for asking. Yes, I still draw but not nearly as much anymore. I've gotten more into typography and graphics since I started working in Graphic Design. (And though I never post anything i make) I'm enjoying it.

I also got into cosplaying and photo-manipulation in the last year (lol I know~) so I made a separate account to see how'd that go. I'm going to continue watching you from there If you don't mind :)

ANIMATION! I bet your super stellar at it. You are a trooper! Animation is a ridiculously heavy course load to take on. If you ever feel like sharing what your working on for projects, send them my way ;)

I know what you mean, however I'm probably one of the ones contributing the most to the mediocre content now-a-days.

It was great to hear from you! I hope you get the chance to stop by more often. Goodluck in school! Knock 'em dead!!!! :)
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