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So my exams started Nuu I've got my fingers crossed.and i don't think i'll ever finish the world is mine video :3 But i will try!
And i won't be active until June 6..because that's when my exams finish ^_^Olaf Dance 
Anw! I'm thinking of making my own manga..but not in the traditional way since i don't have a scanner nor have the necessary tools to do i'm going for digital! Yay for digital!
I think i'm talking to myself since i don't have anyone looking forward to it..oh well
Hope there are I've got my fingers crossed. 
As some people who saw my drawing realised, i'm trying to make my own version of Hatsune Miku-World is mine pv.
At first it started as computer project, that i have to finish until Tuesday :o (Eek) 
But i don't think i will...but i will try Disbelief 
And i'm starting to get impatient so..yeah..w00t! 
I hope there are people who are looking forward to it Please