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i mostly post to twitter haaaaaa
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Almost like a demonic Cruella Deville.

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Very cute! I dig the eyes.

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your art is so cute! i love it the colors go with the character so well!! and the heart eyes pink heart {big}

why do you exist to create bad art that you trace

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Show recent evidence of Tea tracing

lol okay wanna suck on tearzahs metaphorical tit more? check her twitter. look through her art with a genuinely critical eye. ever notice that she has anatomy flaws ALL the time, yet somehow churns out magically anatomically correct art, out of nowhere? yeah, im not buying it. she traces.

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Ok, show me where they trace FROM? You can't just claim someone traces because "out of nowhere they're better at art", you have to actually find REAL evidence of the tracing. Am I saying Tea has never traced? NO. It is very likely that they traced someone, I'm not arguing that. BUT, if I'm going to believe that FULLY, I wanna see some REAL EVIDENCE.

Also, I'm not "sucking Tea's tit" because #1 I'm a minor, I'm literally 13 and #2 I'm going off real LACK OF EVIDECE for this whole "TEA TRACES ART" thing.

bro i am not gonna entertain a 13 year old who's surfing deviantart during their math class, but since you asked. also google 'kiwifarms' and search for the 'dollieguts' thread. would be an interesting read for you :)

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Fun fact, the only thing that vaguely lines up is their hands. nothing else does. One line doesn't mean that someone traced, my friend.

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Ah yes: One bloody pose that they could've easily referenced means T traces. Bruh - artists uses references with poses, it isn't out of the realm of possibility. I use references, my friends uses references - stop making baseless claims.

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Ok, now that you have given me your evidence, here is the outlet by which I got mine. The person in the video I linked talks about the Kiwifarms thread in their second video on the topic, and I suggest you look into that as well. But if you don't ok then. Just do what you want, I don't know you.

ponder sprocket isn't a reliable source and is incredibly biased in her video. i have already seen it. try watching this one instead:

this creator made the original dollieguts 'drama' video and ponder felt the need to harass them and make her own video 'exposing' other art drama creators. ponder is a cow in her own right and is very close to gaining her own thread.

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I have already seen that one too. But still, the Kiwifarms is useless arguing and baseless claims, from my own experience. Also, if you really hate Tea and their art, what were you doing commenting on this piece, or viewing it at all?

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you had too much of the special sugar in daddy's drawers, prove it

you okay, skinwalker? do you like copying her style?

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they use they/them pronouns actually

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Bro, you're an asshole. You have no reason to attack random people on the internet because you don't like an artist that they enjoy. Grow up.

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Im not talking abt dreamalgia im talking abt the ass who's being rude to them

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I was replying to shmookies lol mb for the misunderstanding

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The colours work so well with the character! :OOOO

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So cute!I love it!
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