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Really love this one !! The colors are lovely

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This one is amazing! I like how the lyrics goes well with the pic. Plus the black gives a nice contrast.

you chose the wrong color for her leg shading so it looks like it's blending into the background. either that or she is missing the top half of one of her legs??????

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As a hobbyist, I can agree with @estrangedfrog. I was just scrolling down and I got a tumor from reading your comment.

So, no, you're (probably) wrong. The shading is a stylistic choice.

interesting. her art is still open to critique.

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But I like the style. There's nothing wrong with this painting to me. The colors and shading look fine.

okay, so? i didn't say anything about you personally liking her art. i said her art is open to critique. what are you trying to argue here?

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I don't see anything wrong with the shading. I actually like it. But I do respect your opinion.

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I think it's a stylistic choice
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Not I think, it is. It's a stylistic choice.

stylistic choice =/= good choice. looks bad. all art is open to critique. if it wasnt then she shouldnt post it, and you shouldnt defend it either lol

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*he I don't use she/her pronouns at all. And no, my art is not open for critique. If it is I'll put it in the caption. But this piece is not.
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Sorry thought this comment was on my art. But my point still stands, 1. This artist uses they/then pronouns. 2. Don't critique unless the artist asks you to.
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - I admit that I personally am not a *huge* fan of the red shading myself, but that doesn't make it objectively bad or a poor design choice. When it comes down to it, your crtitique here at its core is an opinion my friend. Also, @estrangedfrog defending their position isn't something you can say they "shouldn't do", as it's another form of critique. All comments are open to critique. If it wasn't, then you shouldn't post it

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I feel like we haven’t seen Fariha in a while. She looks pretty here though!

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Alexis Texas-Cruel Youth

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ill check it out ty :)

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