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If you're interested in helping me create more art, I now have a Patreon account. Here's the link: I'd be ever so grateful if you'd check it out and consider becoming a patron. I really need all the help and support I can get. Thank you for your consideration and continued support.
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I've been getting a lot of requests lately for my old comics and graphic novels, especially the Star Wars fan-fic. So, I'm now hunting them all down (I have six hard drives to search!) and will be posting them on my personal blog. You can find out more about this "Archive of Old" project by clicking here:… I'll be posting my Star Trek parody from 2007 first and then I will figure out exactly how best to post the two Star Wars KoTOR graphic novels. Everything will be at in due time. Thanks so much for your continued interest! It means a lot to me. :D
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If you ever wanted to know about the person behind the art, I have a personal blog called I'm On Dream 9 at There I write about a lot of different things in addition to stuff about my life; living with bipolar disorder and being a digital artist. Check it out, you might find it entertaining or at least a way to pass time. :) I have my Pop collection there along with lots of cute photos of my doggies and some game mods with more to come. The url again is Thanks for looking!
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I am available for digital art commissions on a case by case basis. Fees will vary depending on the the individual commission’s requirements. Please use the form on my website to inquire about a commissioned artwork from Dream 9 Studios or send me a note. If you are interested in a commission, please get in touch with me as soon as possible, especially if the commission is time sensitive (you need it by a specific date). It could take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to finish an artwork so please keep that in mind and I might not be able to work on your commission right away depending on what else I am needing to work on. The sooner you get in your commission request, the more likely it is to be accepted and sooner to be finished.

Link to Commission Request Form at Dream 9 Studios

Thank you and I look forward to working with you!
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First a short history lesson. ;) In August of 2009, I came up with an idea for an original graphic novel. I had already made two (both Star Wars fan fiction) and I was ready to do something that was my own sandbox. I released the novel, entitled Journeys of Shelby Bly, in 2012. Once I was done, I looked back on it and decided it was nowhere near the best that I could do and I loved the concept too much to just give up on it. So, in 2014 I began work on a brand new graphic novel using similar concepts and characters but with a new and vastly improved story. (I have also been doing far more research on the creation of graphic novels thanks to several awesome books I received.) I haven't come up with a title for the new novel yet so I'm tentatively calling it the Shelby Bly Project after the title character, Shelby Bly. Makes sense, right?

The new story is coming along quite well. I'm more or less on the second draft of the story and I've been working on several pieces of concept art. You can see everything related to the project at its official website I invite you to check out the site when you have some spare time. It's a little bare-bones right now but I'll be adding to it more and more as I progress on the project. I welcome your helpful comments and constructive critique.

Thanks and now I'll go add some new art to my gallery here. Take care!
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I actually have two accounts here; the one I've been using for the past several years and this one which has been completely dormant, until now. My old account was so incredibly cluttered and an irreversible mess. I decided to just start over, here. I won't be re-adding all my old artworks but just the new ones, the most recent ones, and my all-time favorites. I haven't decided what to do with my old account yet. I probably won't deactivate it but I may put everything into storage. I did put almost everything into storage already over there. Anyway, I have most of my artwork backlog added to this gallery now (I think). I'll just add a few more over the next week and after that it will only be new stuff. To find all of my best artwork and more, I have a website at Dream 9 Studios. I will be adding other things too including my concept art for my upcoming graphic novel project. If you want to find out more about that, see the Shelby Bly Project website. For now, I need to get back to work. See you soon with new stuff. :)