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Hey Guys! I know it's been a while and I haven't been able to reply to everybody's request for commissions, but I'm officially opening up to the public once more! I ran into a bit of hard times this month, so I apologize for not being able to comment more! >_< But hopefully this will make up for it as I am doing a special July ONLY discount for Full Bodies! I will start with 10 slots so get yours in ASAP! EDIT: Closing Commissions due to unexpected circumstances! SLOTS 1) COMPLETE 2) COMPLETE 3) COMPLETE 4) CLOSED 5) CLOSED Go ahead and leave a message or email me at vetnee@aol.com! Prices and Rules are listed here!
Opal or Vega? Who would you rather be locked in a room ...
  |  44 votes
  • Opal
  • Vega
  • Tzirrah
  • I wish to explain my reasoning, you uncultured swine!
  • I shall comment below!~
Which do you like better? Science Fiction? Fantasy? Or ...
  |  164 votes
  • I love me some good ol' High Fantasy! Give me dragons, elves, knights or give me death!
  • I love Fantasy with interesting, new worlds to explore! The stuff of dreams!
  • Fantasy. Nuff' said.
  • I love Hard Science Fiction. Nothing better than seeing realistic possibilities!
  • I love Sci-Fi! I don't care about it being logical! It's all about my mind being blown!
  • Science Fiction Forever!
  • Science Fantasy is my jam! I mean... it's literally the jam between Sci-Fi and Fantasy.
  • Science Fantasy, but it has to be apocalyptic or -punk or else it's a no go.
  • I love all of these things, don't make me CHOOSE!


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MOMOpJonnyStudent Digital Artist
Would you see this in as a Disney short film ?

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Dream-PiperProfessional General Artist
Couldn't press the link for some reason!
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MOMOpJonnyStudent Digital Artist

I'll send U in a GMAIL
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Willdabeast-0305Hobbyist Writer
I joined a website called Art Fight, where you post your characters and other people draw them (and you draw theirs), and I was wondering if it'd be alright with you if I uploaded some of the drawings of my characters you've done. Of course, you would be credited, and a link would be provided to your DA page (or where ever you'd prefer).

If not, that's fine. But I thought I'd ask anyway.

Either way, I think you should check out that website. It might be something you'd like.
Dream-Piper's avatar
Dream-PiperProfessional General Artist
I heard about it, but was too afraid to do it! >_<
As for your question, sure! As long as you link I am fine with it! XD
Willdabeast-0305's avatar
Willdabeast-0305Hobbyist Writer
I think you should check it out. You might or might not like it, but I think it's a lot of fun!
And even if you don't have a lot of time, you only have to do as much as you want.

It doesn't start again until next year, but that just means you'd have time to set up an account and character profiles.
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Dream-PiperProfessional General Artist
Thanks! I'll definitely think about it!