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Tomodachi Life Anime Char. QR Codes

Sat Aug 9, 2014, 5:40 PM
I had to resell the thing because I needed the money that time for computer repairs. Luckily I saved most of my chars. in QR code format and am sharing these with everyone who has the game. :) Unfortunately I only have the demo left and I saved 2 of the same char. for most(just to stay up to date but accidently forgot to delete the older ones) and cannot view them to know which is the latest since the demo doesn't allow you to scan QR codes, so you will have to go through them and pick the one you think is best and would like to use the most.

I don't have many images of them all to share as a preview since I no longer have the game, but I do have a few which you can see below and you can view them when you scan them to see them. ^^

Hni 0056 by Dream-Paint(Kid paired and married my mii way to fast, which was uncontrollable unless I did hateful things to him which I didn't want to do but would've been nice if they made things more controllable in the game since I wanted it to go more slowly >.>) 

Hni 0049 by Dream-Paint Other Miis I made and mine are not included just Maka which you can see doing some sort of break dance on the bench..

soul evans prev. by Dream-Paint Soul Eater Evans(sorry if it's not easy to see DX)


Naruto Hni 0071 by Dream-PaintHni 0077 by Dream-Paint

Maka Albarn Hni 0076 by Dream-PaintHni 0070 by Dream-Paint

Aqua(BBS) Hni 0073 by Dream-Paint

Death the Kid Hni 0074 by Dream-PaintHni 0068 by Dream-Paint

Soul Eater Evans Hni 0078 by Dream-PaintHni 0072 by Dream-Paint

Kururu Pekoponian form Hni 0075 by Dream-PaintHni 0069 by Dream-Paint

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Skin by Winyumi (modified by Dream-Paint)
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August 9, 2014


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