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[CLOSED] 1000+ Raffle
Did random generator on google with a 2nd roll out of sheer generosity.
Message me on discord or note me here the details of what you'd like using this sheet! You won a full body that can be dynamic as a reminder :)

Character Name: 




Extra Info/References: 

If you want free publicity and followers, TALK TO ME LIKE A HUMAN BEING ATELIAE INSTEAD OF BLOCKING PEOPLE WHO WERE NOT BEING ASSHOLES. There was no explanation given as to why you didn't accept my entry, but if you told me, it would ease my anxiety, but instead you just made it worse by blocking me and made me almost cry of shame. It's like locking me in a jail for a crime I didn't commit. If whenever you are ready to talk to me like a kind and normal human being, then unblock me and note me your problems. Because believe me, I am a nice person when people are nice to me, and if you explained yourself I will forgive you.

Edit: Ateliae if you ever read this, I want to say that someone told me that the reason why you blocked me is because you got offended by me not knowing what your personal art is, or that I was only looking for free art, and if so, that's a BIG misunderstanding. For one, we already discussed a commission quote and I was planning to commission you in the future when I had money on the side for it, but then you decided to quit doing commissions, I entered the raffle because I did not want to wait for you to open up the commissions for 1 person, because you said it's first come first served and I will most likely keep missing it. And then 2, I do not read descriptions for any art unless it had a faq or rules on it like adopts and commission info. sheets, and then I do not favorite a lot of art anymore because I want to keep looking at the art I really really like in my favorites and it doesn't get buried in all the favs. You blocked me unfairly, and that was rude of you to do so.

Now, I will forget this and not bother you or message you on other accounts, no worries, but I no longer like you as a person anymore. And you also made me fed up with Deviantart now and can no longer deal with this site, so now I am hoping to find another place to start anew and make this an ad account to advertise my other sites.
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July 23, 2017


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