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Now miyuki tsukiyono blocked me for just giving a commission review below. Blocked twice with no good reason.. What did I do?! Can't someone talk to them for me? :(

Who was in the right and who was in the wrong here? 

I commissioned an art from zeckos for $50 full body which I paid for(and is a lot too), and they put a buy print option on it when I told them this:

"On the lunai post can you remove the buy print option? She's copyrighted and I don't want theft to be encouraged."

Then they replied with: 

"You know what i've done a lot of commissions some i don't even post on my DA and some worth $100+ and you say "theft to be encouraged" because print was enabled? You are the very 1st one to say this and congrats you just get on my nerve but since this is a paid commission i'll make things much more easier for you i'll just have to delete the art on my gallery,with this you have nothing to worry about with your precious OC(you better saved the original full size on my stash fast it'll be gone soon)

have a nice day"

Then blocked me.

Proof:  this jerkface right here by Dream-Paint

For one they were planning on making more money on my OC commission, and 2 she's copyrighted, so why did they get mad? It should be me who gets mad not them. They had good communication too until up to that point and was fast in the commission which was good for someone you want to commission, but that was unnecessary to block me and get mad over what I said. I was being reasonable.

Anyways don't commission them. Not worth it. I liked their art too so it's a shame I can't watch them anymore.

Another thing what gets me when commissioning people is when they don't fix the mistakes they make when you ask them for, or they do your oc design wrong and don't plan on fixing it. Only a few got my design right out of all people I commissioned. But the thing is I paid them to do it right, I am paying for their talent and just expect them to draw it right, am I not? And wouldn't you? And then I had another person I commissioned get mad when I asked them to change something when it didn't look right. Some immature commissioners on this site we got here.

Oh and another small note about commissioners since we're on that topic before I forget that I want to make, before you commission or consider Miyuki-Tsukiyono , she takes forever to start your commission and is bad at replying, but she does your commission fast. she doesn't correct any mistakes though, so once it's done it's done. There is a sketch phase actually sorry about that I forgot.

To end this on a good note here's a review list of people I had a pleasure commissioning.

KurumiErika she's fast, a great communicator, will fix mistakes, and she prices them at great prices so check her out.

JubiaMaJo I had a pleasant experience with them too so check them out.

bramhistory is affordable, fast, and great communication.

starca fast, great communication, and good quality commissions.

Jusace I had a pleasant experience with them too so check them out.

Cati-Art I got more than I was expecting in quality and you'll love yours too.

Colorcodex fast, affordable, and great communication. (not open atm)

For those listed on here who might see this and want this post moved to a new journal, just tell me nicely, 'cause I have anxiety and am worrying that I may have done something wrong by thinking adding something good to a post is okay to do.
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Psychotic-Ghost Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
So first let me make sure, if someone enables prints does that mean they can sell the picture as wallpapers, mugs...etc.? If so, then yeah I don't think they can just sell that, I mean yeah they drew it, but the character doesn't belong to them and they should ask the owner for permission (and give them a share of money, same goes for fanart). But even if they were in the right, they could've at least responded more nicely...
Though one thing I don't get is, I checked their gallery and they seem to crop out commissions (usually only showing the face), saying the full pic is for clients only, so how can they sell it as a print? Just the tiny pic? But even that wouldn't work because the pic has to be a certain size in order for prints to be enabled.
Dream-Paint Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yup. And omg your right. Why did they crop out others and not mine? But they have the prints enabled though so it must be printable. Even with fanart your not supposed to make money off of it unless it's a one off, like that's the reason why I don't have fanart in my commissions anymore, nor am I planning on making money off of the fangame I am making so I don't get why people don't understand this.
Psychotic-Ghost Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Weird, maybe because yours is an OC, but if anything that means he should have an even bigger reason to crop it than with commissioned fanart, eh who knows what they're thinking. Yeah, you're right, I couldn't see it on my phone, so I had to go to their print section to see it. Weird, for me dA would only enable the print option if the pic was big enough, but then again I never really messed around with it, maybe the crops are big I can't check on phone very well. Yeah, that's what I meant, fanart should't be sold as prints either, since the charactets are copyrighted, simply commissioning is fine, but selling products feels a bit ehhh.Some people just want money it seems, lol...
Btw sorry for not giving more ideas for the game, I'm barely on. But I'm coming home tomorrow. Also sorry for any bad spelling, typing on a phone is tedious. D:
Dream-Paint Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
It's okay I still haven't found a writer yet since the one I found turned me down so it will probably take anotehr week to have something.
Psychotic-Ghost Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, wow that sucks. D:
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