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Summer Dive

I don't know, I was inspired by SGaP's new song: Rd/Ra
It's so good ;~;
listen to it!!~
Also, I tried super hard on this piece, I tried really hard with lighting and stuff.. I hope you guys like it!!
And there will be a speedpaint, i just need to upload it!
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Um...sorry dreampaw but you must look at something ;-;…
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thank you for showing me this!
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This is really beautiful.
VenturianFan1300's avatar
I have no words this is undescribable
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hi from youtube :p
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Do you mind if i do a redraw of this?
Amazing artwork by the way!
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Maybe it's just because I've been reading a lot of Harry Potter recently, but this reminded me of the Second Task.
Which has now sparked a crossover plot bunny.
(Also, this is gorgeous. And THE SHINE ON THE MANE OMG.)
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This is beautiful :D someday I hope to draw like this :)
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wait RARITY i didn't kill you yet…oh well you killed yourself.
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That is amazing! I love the colors too, and I wouldn't mind watching a speed painting video of this Picture.
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Is any way to download the song to the picher from youtube for free?
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is rarity drowning! :O . Great art by the way :3
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your art is breath taking.

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I see your speedpaint on You tube, it's amazing ! =D
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stop drownin ponies , my heart hurts
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This reminds me of Skyfall somhow
SFS-Lovenought's avatar
Silly Rarity, you are a Unicorn, not a Seapony!
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oh my god. this is amazing <3
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