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Contest Entry: Weepy Woe

Contest entry for :iconcindrytuna: ! You can still enter the contest, the last date to make an entry isnt until april 15th!

here is the contest link:

I really hope you like it, :iconcindrytuna: ! I worked pretty hard on it and actually think it turned out pretty well!
This was a gorgeous oc to draw as well!! :D
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AurelleahEverfreeArt's avatar
Man i love this artstyle *-*
Hudebni's avatar
This is beautiful..
KenedyStorm's avatar
Thats so cool! <3
cajobif's avatar
-Uh, hello? What are you doing here?
WW: N-nothing.
-Why are you under this pouring rain?
WW: I-I was going home...
-How are you going to fly back home now with these soaked wings?
WW: I don't care. I'll go by hoof.
WW: I deserved this for being this weak...
-Stop that!
WW: What?
-Nopony deserves this and the same for you!
WW: If you say so... I don't care much..
-*sigh* Come on, follow me. My house is not very far. You'll be able to get dry and stay there to get warmer so you won't get sick...
WW: If you say so... *she folded her wet wings on her sides*
They both began to trot down the road toward a close house.
-Why did you stayed under the rain, anyway?
WW: I-I was crying over there *points with her hoof* when the rain began to fall...
-Uh... oh. I'm so sorry, I didn't know.... Hmmm... do... do you feel better? Now?
WW: No. I'm getting cold...
-Ummm... We... we better hurry up then! My cupcakes must be ready by now...
WW: C-cupcakes? *weak smile*

One of those ponies who you just hardly resist to hug and comfort. I like her colors. Simply beautiful pose.
dream--chan's avatar
ommgg thats flippin adorable <3<3
cajobif's avatar
I'm happy you liked it. I had to get some infos about her for writing it.

She remains quite adorable despite her personnality.
JapaneseBlossomz's avatar
WOW, your my competition, Its absolutely amazing. well we know whose gonna win this contest lol Love 
dream--chan's avatar
no waayyy~~ `x3 <3
lonelynightrain's avatar
Her wings and the scenery are completely gorgeous and out of this world!
dream--chan's avatar
thank you so much!! :3
lonelynightrain's avatar

You're very welcome, Dreampaw! 

Your artwork captured my eye right away! :D

bentbones's avatar
Oh my gosh hun <3 She is soo cute!!
idrawspony's avatar
Just amazing! <3
S0L0ngP4rtn3r's avatar
I might as well forfeit
S0L0ngP4rtn3r's avatar
But you're so awesome! How can I compete with that?
dream--chan's avatar
im easily beaten!! dont give up1! :3
CindryTuna's avatar
The detail is amazing~
The mane detail on it!
The eye expression
The droopy wings!
the rain effect and everything!!

Thank you so so much for entering! >u<
dream--chan's avatar
omg thankkk youuu im so glad you like it!! ^^
CaramelVT's avatar
Omg those wings and dat hair <3
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