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Constellations Cover Art

Trixxieee cover arttttt ~~~ <3<3
It was for a new song by prince:…

Now, you can buy this track or download it for free!!…

(should buy though to support him)
Thanks so much!! everypony, have a wonderful day!
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Another one of my favorites. :)
You and PrinceWhateverer totally killed it on that song, Dreamchan.
Thank you for this amazing song and artwork.  :D
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I kinda used this in my song for YT. Hope that's fine.…
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I listened to it as well! it's very soothing, and thank you for the credit! ^_^
MSCGwB's avatar's really beautiful work.....
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Poor Trixie! :(
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Damn! That is one of the prettiest pony portraits.
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The water's rising. How long until I drown?
My only sorrow is my head was never in the clouds.
The water's rising. How long until I die?
I'm suffocating on tears I'm holding back inside.
I'm only drowning on my loss of self control.
The water's risen and I'm left with an empty soul.
I never thought I'd live without a cause to blame,
but you were the one there to show me it's not about the fame.
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Pretty. Do what u do, u rock :)
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This picture is so beautiful :heart:
It really got me!
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Just found this song and the coverart was so amazing that I just needed to find who did it. I'm not at all surprised that it was you. x3

You are an amazing artist, sir or madam.
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No matter how many pictures I see of sad Trixie in rain, I always enjoy them. :)
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Love this song so freaking much. 
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I really dislike my little pony (Sorry but I really do) however, this is so beautiful. It's really amazing and that eye is so pretty * o * <3
You are very talented! ^^ x
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Dawwww, poor her, she must of had a rough time with all that embarrassment. ono
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Ok, I just gotta say WOW.

THIS is impressive.
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Oooh... this is so beautiful...!!! Love it!!! :omg: :omg: :omg:
And quite sad, too :(
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very nice feeling and mood expressed here. well done.
Here-for-the-ponies's avatar
I love how soft the eyelashes look!
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