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Incredibly Lost Chapter 6: Dibs
Chapter 6: Dibs
Avisa didn’t find Iyan where he had left him. However, his keen sense of smell quickly led him to the eel, who was already about a mile away and heading back toward shore. In spite of Avisa's injured tail, Iyan was simply unable to outspeed him.
"Iyan!" Avisa waved his hand at the weird eel. Soon he caught up and swam right beside him.
Iyan was stunned to see Avisa again. His eyes widened when he spotted the full bag Avisa was toting around. "Holy Blaze, you actually got something?"
"You know it! I am a treasure hunter after all," Avisa replied, puffing out his chest.
"Indeed," Iyan said thoughtfully. "Tell you what. How about we take it back to my place and divide it up?"
"Sure. I get first dibs though."
"Then I guess we can head back," Iyan said. He turned around and started swimming back the way they'd come again.
Avisa was a little suspicious but he held his tongue.
For the next while, Iyan led Avisa across the ocean bottom and back to the Ty-Gia town t
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Hi Slate! by DreagonArchives Hi Slate! :icondreagonarchives:DreagonArchives 17 12 YCH Kite by DreagonArchives YCH Kite :icondreagonarchives:DreagonArchives 13 5
Incredibly Lost Chapter 5: Extreme Sport
Chapter 5: Extreme Sport
Iyan stared at Avisa in disbelief as the Mermian made his way toward the sunken ship. After a moment, he got over his shock and darted after him. "But they have a kraken!" Iyan warned. "That thing will eat you if it sees you."
"Nothing to worry about. You have a merchomper after all." Avisa grinned a mouthful of teeth. He didn't seem too worried about the giant squid.
"You are going to hurt yourself," Iyan said, shaking his head. “Not that I can stop you if you really want to try.” He pointed toward the hole in the hull. "Fine. If you want to get in there, that should lead into the torpedo bays. If you can get into the hallway and go toward the stern, you should end up in the cargo bay. But that’s only if you can get past those tentacles."
"I've got tough scales. I'm not worried about a squid. Are you going to be my distraction then?"
"Excuse me? Do you think I want that thing's attention on me?"
Avisa stopped his progression to get a g
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Baby Hatchling by DreagonArchives Baby Hatchling :icondreagonarchives:DreagonArchives 11 3 Plushy by DreagonArchives Plushy :icondreagonarchives:DreagonArchives 22 10 Smile! YCH by DreagonArchives Smile! YCH :icondreagonarchives:DreagonArchives 5 3 Buddies by DreagonArchives Buddies :icondreagonarchives:DreagonArchives 19 8 SnekDreagon by DreagonArchives SnekDreagon :icondreagonarchives:DreagonArchives 9 5 Trust Fall by DreagonArchives Trust Fall :icondreagonarchives:DreagonArchives 22 8 1-upping Shadow by DreagonArchives 1-upping Shadow :icondreagonarchives:DreagonArchives 10 6
Incredibly Lost Chapter 4: Treasure
Chapter 4: Treasure
Avisa thought about searching for some other worldly treasure while he was here in this strange world.
The beach remained active throughout the day. People came and went, played and ate. Galigan was eventually replaced by another lifeguard, this one looking like a red female version of himself.
Avisa was ignored for the most part, though he did occasionally get a few odd glances. This changed when a birdlike creature wearing a bright blue uniform and a messenger bag came strolling up the beach. The bird soon spotted Avisa and ran up to him.
"Are you Avisa?" the bird asked.
Avisa looked around the ocean, seeing no one else he nodded.
The bird pulled out a piece of paper wrapped in a waterproof coating. "Delivery for you," he said.
"A delivery?" He swam up to the bird and reached out his clawed hands.
The bird placed the paper in his hands and backed off, though he didn't go away.
The paper was a bit difficult to read thanks to the handwriting, but a few choice
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Simple Copyright Banner + Plz Buttons by Drache-Lehre Finished YCH - Ediz by Starrtoon Credit to :iconstarrtoon:

Roy (Fire Emblem) Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Roy (Fire Emblem) Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

Ediz PageDoll by DreagonArchives


Smile! YCH by DreagonArchivesFor only 5 bucks, (I'll also accept points 400:points:) I will draw your fuzzy character in this pose the finished product will look similar in style to this design:
  Pointy Guido by DreagonArchives YCH Kite by DreagonArchives YCH Princess by DreagonArchives

I will probably not do another one of these. This is the cheapest commission I will probably ever do as well.

Anthros, Furries, Sonic oc's are what I can do with this template.
Also, it's super easy to make, so I can do a bunch at a time.

Send a note, or leave a comment on this journal or the actual deviation of what you want.
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I'm Harley, or Dreagon~
I'm a nondenominational full gospel believing born again Christ following Christian.

I can be very shy in confrontations online, I grew up in the time when putting your personal information online was super easy pickings for hackers. So I'm weary of internet shenanigans, and can't find a job because of it.

I'm extremely joyful, just ask :iconfalloutfoxdraws: We've met a few times, he says it's contagious^^ The joy of the Lord, *should* be.

If you would like to support my art Buy Me a Coffee at

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I'm very faithful in the LORD and Jesus Christ, but I don't try to make people believe if they don't want to. Too bad though. Ya'll are missing out on eternal life through Jesus Christ.
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Here's my current project:
For those of you who know what it is, don't spoil it. :wink 
WipProject by DreagonArchives  Has to do with Anthro Pokemon Yami Marik grin 
Had a rough day at work today, please keep me in your prayers.
Mkay. So, Dupre and I have been writing OTaDE this last few days and she's crying, and I'm sobbing/chuckling. This has been an emotional roller coaster ride.
My aunt's car just got totaled in her own parking lot. This is the second time this has happened, please pray for her and her family. She was the only one with a car.
Was in the zone today with writing. I wrote three more chapters to my little pet project: The Prisma Legacy.


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