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A light in the darkness. by NavyBr0wnie, literature

That sinking feeling. by NavyBr0wnie, literature


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Cutie Quest Ep. 4 - Stacked Odds
The Ambitious Cleric
[ATG]Day 5 - 'Last one standing
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E-4 - Ship Service Man

Just another artist trying to do what he likes doing with the tools he likes to use.

The Modus Operandi of a man with no plan.

Tagline 1; "I'm not insane well-... not entirely"
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Favourite Visual Artist
Currently, None at the moment.
Favourite Movies
The Terminator, Aliens/Predators, Transformers, And 9 movies.
Favourite TV Shows
MLP, Transformers, Gi joe, Falling skies, Star Wars, among other things.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Beethoven, Nilly Joel, Deadmau5, Hollywood undead, disturbed, ect.
Favourite Books
Halo franchise ,The dragon series
Favourite Writers
Eoin Colfer, A.L. yearling, And Tom Clancy.
Favourite Games
Too many to list.
Favourite Gaming Platform
I don’t have a favorite as I play all of them.
Tools of the Trade
Source Filmmaker, GiMP, Photoshop, Blender, MMD, XPS
Other Interests
Video games, Animation, Sleep, And food.
Hey what's up guys! It's been awhile since y'all have heard from me I know. Between my military deployments, and corona it's been rough. Never fear because I have some surprises here! Below I'm linking two videos for two separate Let's play projects that'll be up on my YT soon. / Just to show off some of what I'm working on. On the flip side Me and InvisibleInkDoodles ( have recently got back into focusing on the Equestria Girls : Academy Adventure game! Stay tuned in abut a month for an update from me or her! I alos may have some SFM surprises sitting around for you guys if I ever get to them. Back up links Vid 1 : [link] , Vid 2: [
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War never changes. At the start of the 21st century American culture and Western society was at the forefront of all major industrial and economic pushes. Weapons, Technology, Medical, Science and Social improvements, and Standards were the new norm for the world. Countries around the globe either envied it or imitated it. America was the definition of a first world country, and all of it's economic and ergonomic splendor was the result of years of revolution and determination. As a result of it's success as a country, those with a different mindset found it's existence a blasphemous splotch in the history of the world, whether for political
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Remember guys, It’s the end of the show. But not the end of the ride. The end is what you make of it. We’ve got S10 coming in the comics. Past that, You’ve still got your memories, and your adventures pony has given you. Gen4 will only die as long as...
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Happy Birthday/New Year!

Finally stumbled onto EQGAA and highly recommend throwing a screen or gif onto DB to help give a larger advertising audience with the right tags, when you feel its in the right spot. Since it's seems to be having a nice amount of care and effort being put into it. Deserves the revenue if you start a patreon or something!

Howdy, I appologize for the late response. I seldom log into Deviantart for a number of reasons. The version available here is not quite a good representation of what I've done.

I mostly push out updates to the games specific Discord but I haven't mnade that out to the public, barring a few choice invites on several pony related servers.

Contact me on discord @ NavyBr0wnie[Inport]#0231 if you're interested in sticking around.

Hey NavyBr0wnie, It's MarcusVannGriffin, I go by marcuvan0 on Derpibooru, I'm doing some takedown requests on my past work I uploaded last year and stole from InvisibleInkDoodles.

 🎊 🎉 Happy Birthday and a New Year! 🎉 🎊