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Pony Piefights Version 0.03e

This version is obsolete. the most current rules document can be found at

Rules for simulating conflict between technicolor marshmallow ponies. The initial project was inspired by the episode Over a Barrel.

As the old adage goes, "Make the game you want to play."
Essentially, the rules presented here are as much a reflection of my own gaming preferences as they are an attempt to model social and physical conflict between diminutive technicolor ponies.

This release incorporates significant changes to the combat system. The way die values are treated and target numbers are calculated has changed. Base defense values have gone down and damage numbers have gone up as a result of the changes. There are also now rules for magic.
Additionally, there have been several other corrections and changes to existing wording to close loopholes and give correct references.

This is still very much an ongoing project, so you may want to check back periodically for updates.
If you'd like to; feel free to leave any questions, comments, or battle reports.

Misc game resources:
Counter sheet -
Standing cutouts -
Stat card -
Additional force lists -

Previous versions:

Change log:
7-17-13: Added Baker upgrade. Minor clarifications and corrections

2-2-13: added fourth scenario, "Sales Pitch"

8-29-12: cleared out a couple references to rules from the zombie skirmish project that were missed previously. Fixed rules for morale. various other minor clarifications and updates.

8-20-12: minor spelling and grammatical corrections
reorganized armory, added party cannon, Damage value for unarmed models in close combat increased to 4

8-8-12: The additional force lists are now a separate document.

8-3-12: change to wording of movement restrictions.
Models may now move through other models that are knocked down, casualties or out cold. Removed section on "being boxed-in". Experimental lists removed pending some revisions.

7-10-12: changed base size back to 40mm. 30mm is too small to accommodate a blindbag figurine.
Additional formatting and changes and minor corrections made.
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