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Pony Piefights Version 0.02a

This version is obsolete. the most current rules document can be found at

Rules for simulating conflict between technicolor marshmallow ponies. The initial project was inspired by the episode Over a Barrel.

As the old adage goes, "Make the game you want to play."
Essentially, the rules presented here are as much a reflection of my own gaming preferences as they are an attempt to model social and physical conflict between diminutive technicolor ponies.

This release integrates the the rules for persuasion into the core system. It also includes various minor adjustments to wording and new artwork and layout. This is still very much an ongoing project, so you may want to check back periodically for updates.

Misc game resources:
Counter sheet -
Unicorn cutouts -
Pony cutouts -
Pegasus cutouts -
Stat card -

Previous versions:

Change log:
4-17-12 : Change to knockdown radius for blitz actions, Clarifications to rules for resolve, added inspiring presence upgrade
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