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Pony Piefights Version 0.01d

This version is obsolete. the most current rules document can be found at

Rules for simulating conflict between technicolor marshmallow ponies. The initial project was inspired by the episode Over a Barrel. The rules are based on a system I developed for a project involving zombies and human survivors.

The rules are currently playable, though still very much in an alpha stage. I update the file as changes are made. If you're interested in keeping up with the latest version, I suggest checking back every so often.

Latest revisions:

Added blitz action. Additional clarifications and corrections.
reformatted experimental lists

Corrections to wording. Hide action added. First-aid action is now Heal. Several upgrades have had their names and descriptions altered to better fit the setting. Added experimental rules for new force lists. This includes several new model profiles.

Formatting change and Minor corrections
Slight clarification on rules for falling

Most distances are now given in both US standard and metric.

Upgraded title font to Celestia Medium Redux v1.5

Change to determination of starting resolve values. Value is now based on a standardized chart. The old method has been retained in the form an upgrade.

Re-added Search actions. Resourceful and "I know it's here somewhere " now do something again.

Small update to bring rules for falling into line with the core rules set.

Finished cleaning out the references to rules specific to the zombie skirmish project.
Made a minor grammatical correction on some wording...
Added, as an appendix, rules for persuasion. Hypothetically at least, it should be possible for a player to win solely through persuasion rather than physical violence.
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