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Greetings everybody! Pretty soon I'm poking at a new and bigger round of funding for my indie game project https://AncientBeast.com

Therefore I'm assembling a small team that will deal with taking the first set of playable creatures to a whole new level, you can take a peek at an older version of it over here https://ancientbeast.com/documentation/?id=units#focus

So we would need to make sure all of them are nicely 3d modeled, animated, rendered into sprite sheets using our Blender add-on called Spritify and implemented into the game itself, along with proper sound and visual effects. If you're into character modeling and animation (or even dealing with JavaScript coding, as the game is browser based using Phaser game engine) and would like to get involved as freelancer (provided the grant is received), then feel free to reply or drop by our Discord server https://discord.me/AncientBeast I'm around daily.

Note that since the project is free and open source, I'm always looking for contributors, grant or not, though this is mostly for experience and the satisfaction of contributing to a team effort while also being credited along with your website link, which is always a nice thing.

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