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Vampire Wars:Black Lich

YES~another support unit for Vampire Wars!~
"Ahhhh...yess...the taste of souls..richer than blood,and more intoxicating than any alcohol in the world..."

The Black Lich of the Vampires' bidding,a necromancer and talented sorceror with immense potential for destruction and harvesting of souls,a creature so vile its lifeforce is sucked away like a twisted fruit from its loins,sacrificed to the dark arts and its provider. The black lich forms itself as a sort of main support beside the vampire lords,assisting and supporting their dark masters in all things to be eliminated.Their former bodies are no more,replaced by tough husks of animated skeletal structure housing their cold soul within. They stand tall,adorn impresive cloaks and fearsome appendages,whilst raining firebolts and death essence down on their enemies with a frightening,unseen fervour...

Inspired by some tribals in africa,some goth and some dark visage....enjoy~
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really cool work!)))
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Very nice picture
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Awesome picture! The lich looks very realistic! The armor is very nicely shaded and detailed! The background looks very dark and mystical! One of my favourite undead creatures (besides the vampires)! :)
Great job! :D
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That's really cool. Good colour contrast between the fire in his palm and the glow in his eyes.
Cool design. I like the staff, the neck and the way his arm-banners look in particular.
Good composition.
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thank u my fren~would like to hear more frm u in future too~;) rock on buddy~
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it looks pretty cool!
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wow... stunning work... what do you use to create your pieces...
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i use photoshop cs2 and sometimes painter 9,with wacom tablet~:)
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Thanks, Im going to start looking for a tablet... is wacom a good brand ?
DreadJim's avatar
it IS THE one to get...seriously~;) go get it~
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I went on the weekend to look at them... I just found my christmas present... I would like to afford it but Im moving out next week...
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Scary, I love the random swirly things coming from his wrist.

"The deliverer of darkness, the shogun of sorrow!"
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yea~i love ur avatar!~lol~
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aww c'mon dun be so wuss~haha~*faints too*
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Looks really cool O_O

I love it

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:) thanks goth!~
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