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Death Colossus: Death Angel

This is my second Death colossus, which is a far cry from the abomination Deformed Lord that i created. This is a beautiful and most magnificent form of the Death plane that is able to bewitch and seduce many of the Ascended into his willing slaves. He covets worship and adoration, and this fuel him strong powers.

This is one of the fallen Angels, offspring of the Gods, great titans of the beyond, where they come from, we do not know, however, we do know that this Angel has pledged to the Death plane, serving the nefarious powers for some secret reason. He call himself Zaknifer, the True lord, and belong to this group of titans who call themselves Sons of Darkness. They serve a higher darker power than the planar god of death but this power is unknown to most Telarians, those who witnessed it either submit themselves or were consumed.

Beautiful to behold, mesmerizing to mortals, Deceiver is his First name, using massive mind control spells and powers, he can also transform into another demonic form which is a savage being beyond control, but nigh unstoppable. His human-like titan form has great demonic leadership and is able to project multiple Rifts across any location, unleashing spawn of all kinds. if you like, thanks alot!:D really appreciate every fav! And i will be tempted to show Zaknifer in his Demonic form in another painting..

This is my other Colossus, the Abomination one [link]

This is my Earth Colossus
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I love this. Zaknifer truly does look powerful

Is it wrong I want to touch his wings? They look soft and feathery
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I thought for a second that was Jin Kazama from Tekken series, because he can turn into Devil Jin! Laughing 
But awesome art anyways! :D
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This is really stunning. Love the colors as well as the wings, pose, and the monster in the background and human in the foreground. Those really add to scale. :)
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just powerful! you sure are talented =)
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thank you Yume chan~:)
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This work is just... astounding. Very wonderfully done. I was shocked to realize the actual SIZE of the angel, after seeing the man below. A wtf moment happened to me and I liked it even more, lol....
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Hi, you are in the poll for artist of the week [link] at :iconedenium: :heart:
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genial contratulation my friend
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looks amazing i enjoyed reading the description u left nice touch !
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wow... that is just awesome =D
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what are you studying now my friend?
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uh...sorry, studying? :confused:
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Thank you so much~:D
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So awesome and beautiful!!! :D
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