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My new full time job is going very well. People there are very nice and work hours are good. Although I have to admit the first two weeks kind of kicked my ass, but I am getting used to it now. I’m back to work on the new Post-Nuke Comic pages. I hope in a few weeks Post-Nuke Comic will be up and running with regular updates.

I also finally got high speed Internet! The small town I live in doesn’t have high-speed cable lines so I had to go wireless. I’ve been stuck with dial-up this whole time. Yes, the horror!! I did try the mobile Internet stick for the last few months and it worked pretty good. It was much faster then dial-up, but it sometimes cut in and out. Which was very annoying. The main problem was the price. It was far to expensive to use a mobile stick. While the set-up for high-speed wireless Internet was expensive, the monthly fees are much cheaper. I’m very happy with my new high-speed Internet. It is very nice being able to download 10mb in less then a minute! :D
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January 31, 2010


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