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So I finally received some of my new computer hardware. It is taking a little longer to get my hardware together then I originally thought. When I first budgeted this new computer I was not planning to get the best of the best, but I decided not to cheap out and go for gold, or in my case go for broke! I have to sacrifice one more paycheck and then I can finally have this thing up and running.

This was a big shipment. I went with the Cooler Master HAF 932 computer tower. I needed a big case to hold all the big computer hardware. I also needed High Air Flow to keep all the parts cool. I’m very pleased with this case. It is very well designed and there is a lot of room for customizing. I like the look of it and it was also very affordable.

I was told by a lot of people that the Intel Core i7 processor runs hot, so I designed to go with the Corsair hydro H50 CPU Cooler. It’s a simple CPU water cooler with a radiator. It was also very affordable and from what I hear it is very effective.

Next I needed some good RAM. I did a lot of debating on which RAM I should get. I decided on the Corsair Core i7 Dominator 6GB PC15000 DDR3 RAM - Tri Channel, 1866MHz. This RAM is specifically designed to work with the Intel Core i7 processor. It was very expensive, but it is one of the best I could get my hands on.

And finally I got Windows 7 Professional 64bit. Not shown in picture. It is available at a very good price at TigerDirect. I know I’m going to hear people complain how Windows 7 sucks, but really which windows version doesn’t suck to some degree. Actually I was really happy with my current Windows 2000. I found it very stable on my system and it rarely crashed. I have yet to see the dreaded “blue screen of death”. But now it is so out dated most new software will not support that version anymore. Anyway, Win7 is supposed to be somewhat better then Vista and I am trying to build for the future.

So that’s what I have so far. It is really starting to take shape now. Next to come are the 1200W power supply, SSD (Solid State Drive) and a graphics card. Then I can finally fire this bad boy up and see what it can do! I can’t wait! Hopefully in about 2 weeks it should be up and running. I’ll keep you updated on the progress of this computer build. :D
I’m really excited my new mobo (motherboard) EVGA X58 Classified and Intel Core i7 Processor just arrived! My old computer is now seriously getting out dated. My current computer was my first custom build computer, it has served me very well over the years. But it is now maxed out. I can’t speed it up or add anymore to it, and its really starting to lag behind. So now the time has come to build a new mean machine. I’ve been doing a lot of research and planning for this new computer for awhile now. I finally saved up enough to start buying parts and putting it all together. This is not a gaming computer, its over kill for games. I’m designing something that can handle high-level CGI graphics and HD video production. I know it may not look like it at the moment with my lack of updates, but I am getting more serious with my artwork. One of the main problems was not having the proper tools for the job. This will give me the ability to do what I really want to do much faster and a lot better.

The EVGA X58 Classified is not your average board. It can hold three Nvidia GTX 285 cards for graphics rendering and one GT8900 just for physics processing, or two Nvidia GTX 295, which is like having 4 graphics cards on one board. That really is incredible! If I ran this board at its full over-clocked potential I would have to literally cool the CPU with LN2 (liquid nitrogen) or it will melt and possibly catch fire. Now that’s what I’m talking about, some serious firepower! But don’t worry, I wont push it to that point... yet. ;) I could go on and on about this board, but this ComputerTV review on youtube video did a fantastic job explaining all the features on this board. I really can't say more about it, except I love the brand new circuit board smell. :D

Anyway, I’m very excited about this computer build. This is the biggest, baddest machine I've attempted to build and I do have big plans for it. I hope to have it up and running by the end of this month.

Also don’t buy this board if you are just going to use it for gaming. Like I said before its over kill for games. If you want to make an awesome gaming computer I would recommend this board Asus Rampage II GENE, which was my second choice. Computer TV review. It was also rated as one of the best motherboards of 2009. Its cheaper, more practical and honestly its still over kill for gaming. :lol:
Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I've been really busy at my new full time job. Like I mentioned before I've been training for my new file maintenance position. There was a lot to learn, only about 30000 products I need to literally memories and know where they are in the store. Yup, they nearly melted my brain... but I think I finally got it all down now and feel confident to work on my own with out screwing up. So now hopefully I can get back into a normal routine and finish off my comic pages.

The good thing is I finally saved up some money to build my new computer system. My current computer was top of the line when I first built it 7 years ago, but now its just getting to out dated. I'll be talking more about that when my new computer parts arrive very soon. :)
Well my new full time job has been eating up a lot of my time, but it is going very well… to well actually. I work in a grocery warehouse. I could have a lot of other jobs, but I picked this job because I wanted a low stress job that had flexible hours so I can work on my side projects. That was the plan anyway. However since I have computer skills I was given another position in file maintenance. So now I'm working two positions. This whole last week I was training for the new office position. I was a bit overwhelmed at first, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. It is a fairy large grocery store and I have a lot to learn and memorize. I don't think I ever tried to learn so much in one week. It was a bit exhausting and I'm glad I have the next two days off. I have one more week of training then I should be back to my normal routine.
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My new full time job is going very well. People there are very nice and work hours are good. Although I have to admit the first two weeks kind of kicked my ass, but I am getting used to it now. I’m back to work on the new Post-Nuke Comic pages. I hope in a few weeks Post-Nuke Comic will be up and running with regular updates.

I also finally got high speed Internet! The small town I live in doesn’t have high-speed cable lines so I had to go wireless. I’ve been stuck with dial-up this whole time. Yes, the horror!! I did try the mobile Internet stick for the last few months and it worked pretty good. It was much faster then dial-up, but it sometimes cut in and out. Which was very annoying. The main problem was the price. It was far to expensive to use a mobile stick. While the set-up for high-speed wireless Internet was expensive, the monthly fees are much cheaper. I’m very happy with my new high-speed Internet. It is very nice being able to download 10mb in less then a minute! :D
Well my New Year is off to a good start so far. I start my new job tomorrow! I'm excited about it. It's not an art related job, but in these tough economic times I'm just glad to have a good job. This new job has more flexible hours so I can still work on Post-Nuke comic.

I have been working hard on chapter 10 making a buffer zone. Once I have accumulated enough pages I will be updating the comic pages once again, which will hopefully be very soon. Thank you all for hanging in there.
Welcome to my new Deviant Art site. I finally got around to making one. Thank you all for checking out my artwork. I am new here and I am still getting used to this site. There will be much more to come.