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PKMNation :: Second Chance [Lv. 100]




:new:He is now a Morph~ Tiger land shark pfft.

:bulletblue:Pokemon: Morph Garchomp
:bulletblue:Name: Second Chance
:bulletblue:Nickname: Chance
:bulletblue:Gender: Male
:bulletblue:Type: :icongroundtypeplz::icondragontypeplz:
:bulletblue:ID Number: 2848
:bulletblue:Hatch Date: 3/3/2014

:bulletblue:Level: 100
:bulletblue:Started Base Attack: 19 21 23
:bulletblue:Current Base Attack: 43
:bulletblue:Ability: Rough Skin
:iconnormaltypeplz: Tackle
:iconrocktypeplz: Stone Edge (TM)
:icongroundtypeplz: Earthquake (TM)
:iconpoisontypeplz: Poison Jab (TM)

:bulletblue:Level Up Log:
Clutch Image: 4 Levels (Full Body + Shading + Simple BG)
PKMNation :: Prevolutions Dump: 3 Levels (Full Body + Shading)
Hall Payment: 12 Levels (Full Bodyx3 + Shadingx3 + Simple BGx3)
Meeting Cooper: 7 Levels (Full Body + Shading + Detailed BG + Event)
Evolved into Gabite: 6 Levels (Full Bodyx2 + Shadingx2)
Gym Battle - vs Princess: 16 Levels (Full Body + Complex Shading + Detailed BG - x2 for gym battle)
Gym Battle - Dragons Splosion: 26 Levels (Full Bodyx2 + Basic Shading + Details Shading + Detailed BGx2 + Simple Animationx2 - x2 for gym battle)
Evolved into Garchomp: 9 Levels (Full Bodyx2 + Complex Shadingx2 + Simple BG)
Search Party: 8 Levels (Full Body + Shading + Detailed BG + Event Bonus)
Flower Crown: 5 Levels (Full Body + Shading + Simple BG)
Chibi Sticker: 4 Levels (Chibi + Shading + Simple BG)
PKMNation :: Flower Lovers: 6 Levels (Given via Exp. Share)
PKMNation :: Catch the Doves!: 10 Levels (Exp. Shared)
PKMNation :: The Rare Hound appears...: 10 Levels (Exp. Shared)

:bulletblue:Breeding Status: Life Mates with Ken

Parents: [ PKMNation ] Siymaz the Gible x PKMNation: Terminal Dancehall

PN :: Good Golly Miss Molly
PKMNation - Enju Ref.
FF: Nickel
PKMNation :: Onozuka Komachi

PKMNation :: ChancexMolly Half Clutch {CLOSED}
PKMNation :: ChancexMolly Clutch
PKMNation :: ChancexEnju Clutch
PKMNation :: ChancexNickel Clutch
Clutch Dump 1

[On Ranch]
PKMNation :: Under the City
PKMNation :: Once Upon a Forest
PKMNation :: Spacedust Alley
PKMNation :: Bits and Pieces
PKMNation :: Vella [Lv. 8]

[Off Ranch]
PKMNation- Second Age
Flowerkeeper Reference
[ PKMNATION ] The spy | Level 10
Broken Rainbow Ranch Killer
FF: Silver
PKMNation:: SS Zelda
PKMNation- Bonekeeper

[On Ranch]
PKMNation :: A Stitch in Time

[Off Ranch]
Pkmnation:: Nora

- Lax Nature; Takes plenty of Siestas
- Acts tough, tough exterior. But is secretly a giant softy.
- Really loves flowers.
- Angel wishes to battle him, but Chance isn't much of a fighter and doesn't take his challenges seriously. He only fights for the gym when necessary.
- Angel really hates his view on battling. They don't get along.
- He and Ken grew so close... that they're mates now. Believe it or not Chance is the more cuddly of the two, though. .-.
- He loves his flower very much IF YOU DARE HARM HIS FLOWER HUSBAND- :stare:
- Stitch and him found out they were brothers after living on the ranch together for awhile. Chance is the teeniest bit protective over Stitch.
- Used a Mod Tech
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