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{Fallout 3 Fanart} -Colonel Autumn's Interrogation by DrDiscordedWhooves


Chloe's skin felt cold. A breeze of air drifted over her skin. She opened her eyes quickly and figured out that she had been stripped down the her under clothing. A grey half tank-top and a black pair of underwear.

         "So you're awake." A masculine voice said in front of her. She moved her gaze in front of her and blushed when she saw an older man standing in front of her. He looked to be in about his forties or fifties and wore a long tan trench coat with a black jacket underneath. She looked at him harshly suddenly remembering what happened. She remembered before passing out being knocked out and kidnapped by the Enclave. But most of she recognized him from the scene...

"Lets keep this nice and simple. Your going to tell me the code to that purifier and you going to tell me Now." He spoke again this time his southern accent showing.

         "What the Hell is going on here?" She demanded still glaring at him. He shot her a glare too.

        "I'll tell you whats going on here. You lost. The good guys won this one and now were just wrapping up loose ends. We've got the purifier now we just need the code to start it.. Your going to give me that code now and save us all a lot of trouble. Maybe Ill even let you go. So how about it?"

        Chloe remembered what they had done. They had not only stole the G.E.C.K. and the purifier but they had also killed her father. She looked at him with a slightly hurt slightly angry look. "Fuck you, I'm not telling you anything." Autumn's gaze too changed but to a simply angry one.  "Ill be honest. I'm running out of patience here. And I'm not looking to play games with you!" His eyes flickered with anger, "You'll tell me that code or its going to cost you..." He said through clenched teeth. She decided after a few moments of thinking that she would try trick him. Night thought up an imaginary fake code and began to pretend.

        "Okay, okay. Just don't hurt me." she said quietly. His gaze kept still as he looked at her.

        "I'm waiting.." he said.

        Chloe took a deep breath and spoke the numbers "7-0-4."
        "Very well, we'll just verify that now." A shiver run down Chloe's spine. 'No no no!!' She thought in panic. They would find out its the wrong code! Colonel Autumn walked over to the intercom and contacted his soldiers at the Jefferson Memorial. He passed the fake code to them and they put it in. A few seconds later the soldier came back on the intercom and spoke.

        "Negative sir, the code's no good. I just lost another man." Autumn turned back to Chloe. He looked very ticked off, and to tell the truth. He was. "Why do you insist on making things difficult?! Maybe I should start shooting! How much blood do you think you can afford to lose before you tell me what I want to know?!" He said loudly and angrily yet coldly. Chloe just looked at the floor. She had nothing more to say... Autumn's eyebrows lowered making his angry expression more noticeable. He pulled out his laser pistol from his coat and pointed it at night. When he asked again for the code and she didn't answer he pulled the trigger firing a laser into her arm. She flinched in pain. Warm crimson blood seeped out of her shoulder. She just Kept looking away from him at the floor. So he Kept firing...

Back in the Mojave...At the old bone orchard

Victor rushed up the hill after the trio left. He rolled quickly into the graveyard and over to where the young woman had been buried alive. He unfolded his fingers and began digging her up by taking handfuls of dirt out of the grave. When he finally succeeded into digging up most of the dirt he grabbed her arms and gently pulled her out. As the cowboy securitron held her in hos arms he looked closely at her. She was an average height girl about in her teenage to early twenties. she had medium length brown hair. She appeared to be a courier. He then noticed her head. Blood was splattered all over her face the most blood around her forehead. It dripped off her nose and chin. Yet all of this blood was seeping out of her head when he checked to make sure she was alive she was barely hanging on. Victor quickly picked her up bride style (yes I went there xD) and quickly rolled down the hill towards Doc Mitchell's house.....  
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Submitted on
June 29, 2015