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Why do i always forget about this account xD
The man in front of her was tall and looked to be in at least his mid-forties. His smooth blond hair was slicked back neatly and seemingly glistened in the bright lights of his office like his wonderful brown eyes. She could tell by his uniform that this was the right man. Without another question she lightly stepped past him and made her way to sit down in a comfy black chair in front of his desk. The office was nice, starting with the desk of worn mahogany that was still impossibly glossy. The walls bore no smudges or marks or very many paintings other than one on each side of the rooms parallel to each other from the side of his desk. The rest of the room was organized with various filing cabinets and lockers. 

 He sat down in his chair across from her and straightened his collar. "Good Evening, it's finally nice to meet you." He extended an arm with an open hand ready to shake, "I'm Colonel Autumn." 

 She shook his hand politely and smiled. "Good Evening to you too, Sir. My name is Chloe."

 "Ah, nice to have you here Chloe. Now then you were here for a job, I have one you might be willing to take." She nodded, intently listening for his offer. "I was in need of a personal assistant who can offer their services to do what I need them to do when I need them to do it. Now, this is a lifetime commitment kind of job so you'd be doing this until one of us dies." He spoke quietly. She looked down at her hands for a moment. Lifetime Commitment? Would that take the hope of anything exciting out of her life? But then she realized that working for the very man leading the Enclave as his personal assistant was exciting as she could get at this point. 

    With that, she looked back up and spoke in a soft but confident tone, "I accept your offer, i'd be happy to help you with whatever you need."

    With a pleased nod he grinned. "Good, now follow me then," he said as he stood up. Chloe followed him as he walked out into the hallway to what seemed like the only other door on this hall a few feet away. He opened up the door and let her step inside before him. She gazed around shocked but happy and forgot he was there until his raspy voice sounded behind her. "This is your room. Right now it has what you need: a bed, some dressers and a chest, and a bathroom." 

    "Thank you," she said happily as she turned around to face him. He simply nodded again and said he would leave her to get settled in but expected her to see him later that night at 8 sharp before turning and heading back to his office. Chloe shut the door behind him and danced around. She had a home that was finally all hers.
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    Chloe took a deep long breath. There was no fresh air to inhale deeply, only the polluted post-war oxygen. It provided no comfort but the thought of clean water and food along with a nice shower did. She looked up at the large metal door in front of her. A soldier stood on each side of it bearing miniguns and wearing a thick suit of advanced MK II power armor showing nothing of their identity. After a breath of the dusty air she stepped forward, her small bag slung over her shoulder. One soldier looked at her as she approached him gingerly.

    "Uh-m, Hello sir. Could you direct me how to get inside to see the person who is offering me a job here?" She held a firm gaze into the glowing, amber eyes of the suits helmet wondering if it was possible to believe there was a pair of eyes inside. Would they be dull and lifeless ever hoping for more? Maybe they would be full of life and ready to take on a future that was uncertain, something so rare now...

    He holstered his minigun over his back and stepped forward. "May I hear the name of who you're here to see?", His voice came deep and strong. 

    "Yes sir," She fumbled through her bag and pulled out a bone-white piece of folded up paper and opened it up. Inside was neat handwriting printed in dark ink. "His name is.. Colonel Autumn. Is he around?"

    The soldier reached out and she handed him the note. After reading over it he seemed content with it's content and nodded again. "Yes ma'am, the colonel is in. I'll take you inside and have a soldier escort you to his office. He turned around once the letter was returned and strode into the now open gate with Chloe close behind. Her eyes wide with surprise, she hadn't even noticed the loud rumbling of the opening of it. He kept his promise giving her a small salute before heading away leaving her with her new escort, a talkative young soldier. He could only be in his early twenties and had lovely brown hair that washed over his head like a wave of cocoa-tinted cream. He first looked at her with a twinkle of curiosity in his emerald eyes then happiness flooded over him as he realized she'd be joining the team. 

    "So you're new? That's great! We could always use new members around here. I wonder what the ol' Colonel has got for you?" There it was. The hope and energy she had wondered in the man before was here inside this young man. Being only nineteen, turning twenty soon that year, she wondered if her future would lead her through hopeful things sometimes. They slowly took a stroll down a corridor lit wonderfully with lovely light blue lights which were dotted along the bottom and top of the walls on either side. There were strange doors with a blue ring in the center lined up perfectly on both sides of the hall up until the end were a spiral staircase with similar blue lights lining it too stood. They ascended a little bit before cutting off into a main hall. "Anyway, what's your name?"

    "Chloe," she said smiling, "I come from a small wasteland town called Megaton. There's a deactivated nuclear bomb in the center of the town." He looked down at her smiling too.

    "I've heard of that town! But, when I heard about it, the bomb was still active.. What happened?"

    She stopped and looked up at him smiling. "I deactivated it sir, i'm no genius but I went out on a whim and tried my best."

    "Woah, really?? That's incredible! I bet you were nervous as hell." They continued walking for a couple more feet before stopping at a door placed at the end of the hall proving it to be the dead end of this corridor. "Good Luck, Chloe. It was nice meeting you. Hopefully we will get to talk again." 

    "I hope so! Wait, what's your name? You never told me."

    "Jack, passed down from my father. I hope I can live up to him."

    She smiled, "It was a pleasure speaking to you Jack. I'm sure we will see each other again." After adding his agreement he smiled again nodding before turning and walking away. Chloe turned back to the door and took a deep breath, this time however, the air filling her lungs was fresh and clean. After taking a few more thankfully breaths she knocked confidently on the door. A few seconds passed before the door separated from the center and opened up. There in the doorway stood a man. "Welcome to Raven Rock," he breathed. "Come in and have a seat, please."

Fallout (and any characters from it) (c) Bethesda
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My OC night feather is getting a new design to match her parents :p I will be posting it soon I promise

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I SHALL START POSTING AGAIN! Also, so far only every now and then for a bit until I get full internet access, love ya my dear watchers, I shall be back soon!


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(mother to Fernkit, a grey and ginger she-cat and Stormkit, a dark
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{Fallout 3 Fanart} -Colonel Autumn's Interrogation by DrDiscordedWhooves


Chloe's skin felt cold. A breeze of air drifted over her skin. She opened her eyes quickly and figured out that she had been stripped down the her under clothing. A grey half tank-top and a black pair of underwear.

         "So you're awake." A masculine voice said in front of her. She moved her gaze in front of her and blushed when she saw an older man standing in front of her. He looked to be in about his forties or fifties and wore a long tan trench coat with a black jacket underneath. She looked at him harshly suddenly remembering what happened. She remembered before passing out being knocked out and kidnapped by the Enclave. But most of she recognized him from the scene...

"Lets keep this nice and simple. Your going to tell me the code to that purifier and you going to tell me Now." He spoke again this time his southern accent showing.

         "What the Hell is going on here?" She demanded still glaring at him. He shot her a glare too.

        "I'll tell you whats going on here. You lost. The good guys won this one and now were just wrapping up loose ends. We've got the purifier now we just need the code to start it.. Your going to give me that code now and save us all a lot of trouble. Maybe Ill even let you go. So how about it?"

        Chloe remembered what they had done. They had not only stole the G.E.C.K. and the purifier but they had also killed her father. She looked at him with a slightly hurt slightly angry look. "Fuck you, I'm not telling you anything." Autumn's gaze too changed but to a simply angry one.  "Ill be honest. I'm running out of patience here. And I'm not looking to play games with you!" His eyes flickered with anger, "You'll tell me that code or its going to cost you..." He said through clenched teeth. She decided after a few moments of thinking that she would try trick him. Night thought up an imaginary fake code and began to pretend.

        "Okay, okay. Just don't hurt me." she said quietly. His gaze kept still as he looked at her.

        "I'm waiting.." he said.

        Chloe took a deep breath and spoke the numbers "7-0-4."
        "Very well, we'll just verify that now." A shiver run down Chloe's spine. 'No no no!!' She thought in panic. They would find out its the wrong code! Colonel Autumn walked over to the intercom and contacted his soldiers at the Jefferson Memorial. He passed the fake code to them and they put it in. A few seconds later the soldier came back on the intercom and spoke.

        "Negative sir, the code's no good. I just lost another man." Autumn turned back to Chloe. He looked very ticked off, and to tell the truth. He was. "Why do you insist on making things difficult?! Maybe I should start shooting! How much blood do you think you can afford to lose before you tell me what I want to know?!" He said loudly and angrily yet coldly. Chloe just looked at the floor. She had nothing more to say... Autumn's eyebrows lowered making his angry expression more noticeable. He pulled out his laser pistol from his coat and pointed it at night. When he asked again for the code and she didn't answer he pulled the trigger firing a laser into her arm. She flinched in pain. Warm crimson blood seeped out of her shoulder. She just Kept looking away from him at the floor. So he Kept firing...

Back in the Mojave...At the old bone orchard

Victor rushed up the hill after the trio left. He rolled quickly into the graveyard and over to where the young woman had been buried alive. He unfolded his fingers and began digging her up by taking handfuls of dirt out of the grave. When he finally succeeded into digging up most of the dirt he grabbed her arms and gently pulled her out. As the cowboy securitron held her in hos arms he looked closely at her. She was an average height girl about in her teenage to early twenties. she had medium length brown hair. She appeared to be a courier. He then noticed her head. Blood was splattered all over her face the most blood around her forehead. It dripped off her nose and chin. Yet all of this blood was seeping out of her head when he checked to make sure she was alive she was barely hanging on. Victor quickly picked her up bride style (yes I went there xD) and quickly rolled down the hill towards Doc Mitchell's house.....  
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-K so im posting this to my deviantart page AND to my group blogs!-
(If you like Fallout or this story, try my group! fallout-new-vegas-x3.deviantar… )

"We have a special package for you to deliver to the Lucky 38 casino in New Vegas.."

      Chloe remembered her boss telling her this last night while handing her a small, delicately wrapped box. She thought about the importance of this. If its to be delivered to New Vegas, even to the Lucky 38, A casino that no one has been inside for 200 years, It must be fairly important! She strolled down whats left of a road and glanced ahead as she spotted a town in the distance.

     Her travel took her right by the town but she was still a far ways away from it. The old sign posted about a mile away read:
                         Welcome To Goodsprings

     A small happy giggle escaped her as she kept treading by the town.
     "What a cute name and little town!"

     She came to a big hill. Her eyes flickered up to the top where a water tower stood. Before she could look back down and keep going someone hit her in the back of the head with something...

      Meanwhile in a Tiny shack at the edge of Goodsprings

      Click The securitron shut his door as he rolled out of his shack. His cowboy faced screen glowing in the cold desert darkness. Victor planned on going on a stroll. After all he had nothing better to do at the moment. It was too late at night to kill off geckos. He started down the street slow and relaxed. On his way past Doctor Mitchell's home he saw some light glowing up in the Old Bone Orchard. With a closer look he spotted a person lying on the ground with their hands bound together. They appeared to be knocked out cold. The trio standing in front of her seemed to be a bit off. Victor decided to roll around in the shadows to hide and see more of whats going on.
           Up In the old bone orchard

       Chloe slowly peeled open her eyes. She tried to rub them but quickly found that they were bound together with a rope. With some difficulty she sat up on her knees and looked ahead. A trio of men stood in front of her. They all looked in their twenties maybe but the real difference was the looks. The one to the right wore a white bandana and a mustache. The one to the left was holding a shovel. He had a spiky orange mohawk and a stubby beard. He also wore a bandana yet his was grey. The Man in the middle interested her the most. The two on each side of him looked to be from the Great Khans. A group that had been pushed out of New Vegas and free side and now lived in the middle of some canyons in the Mojave. But the one in the center looked to be from New Vegas itself. He had brown hair which was slicked back as she likes to think. His clothing consisted of grey pants and a checkered suit with a black tie.

         The man in the checkered suit removed the cigarette he had in his mouth and through it in the dirt putting it out with his shiny black shoe.

         "Time to cash out.." He said as he finished putting out the cigarette and walked a little bit in front of the two the stood beside him.

       The one wearing the white bandana spread out his arms and said in an annoyed tone, "Get it over with!" Checkered suit held up a single finger and spoke his remark. "Maybe Khans kill people without lookin' em in the face." His arm lowered back down to his side as he finished his sentence giving white bandana a glare, "But I ain't a fink, dig?"

       He looked back to Chloe and reached into his suit pulling out a shiny grey poker chip. "You made your last delivery kid." As he put the poker chip back into his suit and went to pull out another thing, "Sorry you got twisted up in this scene." His hand returned with a shiny silver pistol. She glanced at it fearfully. "From where your kneeling it must seem like an 18 karat run of bad luck." The man said looking at the pistol than back at her. He slowly moved it in front of him where he pointed it at her. "Truth is.."
he said, a long pause before he finished. "The game was rigged from the start.." with that he pulled the trigger..

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"Yes my birthday is today sir! And im glad to be having it here, This is a fascinating establishment!"
        He smirks and giggles a little.
    "Well then you have fun, but one more thing..." I looked up at him confused a little. He continues...
       "Golden Freddy will be right over there soon." He points to a doorway to my far right. "Once I leave to do something , he'll pick you and your friends up for a secret party just for you guys! No one else!"

    My eyes widened. "Really? Yay! When will he be here?"

        "Soon...So what do you say," He puts his hand on my shoulder.

                    "Want to meet Golden Freddy?"
        I nod happily and he stands up and walks to the end of the table to take his position as guard. I cant wait to see Goldie!! Im so excited. I have to tell the others....

     Chapter 2   Follow Me Kids!~

        I run up to my cousin, she was standing in front of the stage gazing at the shiny singing bots. I could've swore she was singing along with them.
        "Bre!" I said, "Guess what!"
           "What Cousin Bro?" she said walking over.
            "Vincent said we have a chance to meet Golden Freddy!! We have to look out for him and we have to bring the others!"
            "Oh yea," she started "Lexi and Micah are here!"

        My friend Lexy tackled me and Micah just walked up and said hi. We did talk for a bit after I explained Goldie to everyone. It was maybe two and a half hours? Then right when I was starting to get bored I saw him.... Goldie. He was standing in the door way in the right corner of the room. And I just noticed Vincent had left like he said he would. I grabbed Bre and Lexy's hands and ran off toward Golden Freddy, the rest of my friends trailing behind me. When We got to Golden Freddy he spoke almost immediately,

        "You must be the pretty little birthday girl and her little friends, yes?"
    I looked up at him, "Yep! Your Golden Freddy?" He just nods before saying,

            "Follow me Kids!~"

Ok so that one was short cause I needed sometime before going to sleep to do important stuff xD  There will be a new part out soon. Yep! BAI

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Ok so this is A fnaf story im going to write and NOT give up on xD Its gonna be about all three games somehow. The third game wont be for a WHILE so dont cont on it anytime soon. The first game that will go Is FNAF 2 (cause y'know it comes first anyway!) So theres stuff I need to point out first!


~My inspiration is coming partly well mostly from Mandopony's AMAZING songs!!
(Survive the Night, The show must go On, and Just Gold <--my favorite x3)

Oh yea, The title I thought of myself, Im so happy xD

Chapter 1  Want to meet Golden Freddy?

        April 9th. Thats my birthday. Thats today! My parents agreed to take me to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza to celebrate my birthday! It took some convincing though. After all I am a 12 year old girl wanting to go to a toddlers pizzeria. We picked up my four friends Alyssa, Savannah, Rachel, and Shadow plus my favorite cousin Breanna. We're like the Best of Buddies! All my friends were chatting while me and Bre stared out the window. There it was, Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.

        We all jumped out as soon as the car was turned off. My mom told us to wait until her and dad were ready before we headed inside, so I just looked over the building's exterior. It was a medium sized building, not too big, not too small.  There was bushes surrounding the outside walls and a big sign was propped up right above the double doors that led inside. It read in big letters,

Freddy Fazbears Pizza.

        As soon as my dad said that we could go I grabbed Bre's hand, sprinted to the door, and dashed inside. We were now in the main show room with the stage.

 "Woah!!" Bre gasped, "look at the band!!!"

        I glanced at the brightly lit stage. The multicolored lights glimmered against the shiny animatronic band. There was a Blue bunny, a yellow chicken, and a brown bear. Bonnie Bunny, Chica Chicken, and Freddy Fazbear. I thought. My mom tapped on my shoulder and pointed to our party table. As my group walked over and sat down two men, about in their 20's, walked up. They're both tall but one is a red-head and the other is just...purple and a little eerie. The red-head pointed to the violet one and said,
    "This is Vincent. He's not gonna bother anything. He's just gonna stand by your table and make sure everything goes how its supposed to." And with that the red-head walked away.

        Vincent waved slightly, a grin spread across his face.
    "So which one is the birthday girl?" he questioned curiously. I shyly raised my hands. When he saw that he walked over and kneeled dwon to my height.
        "Why hello there kiddo! Hows your birthday going so far, is it today?" he asked still grinning.

        I nodded. I wasnt one to say anything to people i dont know well but...
            "Yes my birthday is today sir! And im glad to be having it here, This is a fascinating establishment!"
        He smirks and giggles a little.
    "Well then you have fun, but one more thing..." I looked up at him confused a little. He continues...
       "Golden Freddy will be right over there soon." He points to a doorway to my far right. "Once I leave to do something , he'll pick you and your friends up for a secret party just for you guys! No one else!"

    My eyes widened. "Really? Yay! When will he be here?"

        "Soon...So what do you say," He puts his hand on my shoulder.

                    "Want to meet Golden Freddy?"
        I nod happily and he stands up and walks to the end of the table to take his position as guard. I cant wait to see Goldie!! Im so excited. I have to tell the others....

So yea more coming soon, how do you like it so far?
Leave meh comments on what you think!  Baiii!!!
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D:<  xD This is your fault :iconmoonlight-artist101:  xD

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1.) what is your favorite element? (ex. fire, earth, water, air, darkness, light ) Darkness  (my pony is the Princess of it x3)
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     3.) What is your favorite anime. (Pokemon and Sonic X does count btw) Soul Eater
     4.)Favorite activity? Drawing and playing Video Games.
     5.) favorite time of day? Mid-day :D
     6.) Favorite Sonic zone? (or any video game world ONLY if you dont play the Sonic Games) Tamriel
     7.) Favorite book? Warriors (the series)
     8.) Favorite video game? Prototype, Fallout, Skyrim and Oblivion too many more xD
     9.) what was your most embarrassing moment? (If you rather not answer, say a random word i guess ^.^' ) Wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff
   10.) if Sonic and Tails asked you to follow them, what would your reaction be, and what would you say, yes or no? No. nooooo..... ok yes xD wait. no?

My Questions:  (random!!)

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  6. Have you played Five Nights At Freddys or Five Nights At Freddys two?
  7. What did you have for lunch? xD
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  9. Do you like Doctor Who?
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Sorry for the unpleasant and extremely boring inactivity!~ Ive been doing alot of things but im back now!! So, Hiiii!!!!
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Ok so, this is gonna be a story about Hollywood Undead (an amazing awesome epic band). Im writing it for my cousin.. :D their her favorite band. So im not the best story writer but I shall try! So lets begin
  Ill start off with her favorite member :)

      Jorel had his face down in his pillow. Next to him an alarm clock was buzzing loudly. He was about to snooze the alarm and go back to sleep untill a knock sounded at his bedroom door. Jorel raised his head and said sleepily,

    "Who is it?"

        He recognized the voice that replied as one of his bandmates.

    "Its George you sleepy head! Time to get up!" George said happily.
        "Matt made pancakes!!"

    Jorel reached over and turned the alarm clock off. He got out of bed and walked over to the window. When he opened the curtains he saw the horizon was lined with gloomy grey clouds. Buildings that went as far as he could see were getting soaked by a downfall of rain. Jorel turned around and headed out the door and down the hallway.

        "I should've stayed in bed." He muttered to himself.

           Its not much Its kinda like a short preview :D  To continue I must know what chu think of it!! :D :D Should I write more? You tell me. Well BAII!!
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Ok so, Night Cipher is my Gravity Falls OC! Heres her BIO!

                Name: Night Cipher   (DUH xD)
                Gender: Female
                Father: Bill Cipher
                No Mother
                Home: No where really....She just wonders, but like to hang around the Mystery Shack.
                Interesting Stuff: She has a Really bad insanity problem! Her father is part of it (she loves him so much though), That's why she carved him into her hands... Some more interesting stuff is, did you notice her eyes? They aren't normal pupils, they have triangles in them! Another Cipher kinda thingy!

Thats all I can think of for Night for now though.. So Ill try to write stories, If you want your OC to be involved in the stories you can leave me a comment below! :D

      Also my mood matches because Im wearing a top hat right now xD
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Alright, This journal is here to explain my Roleplay info. I love roleplaying. If you want to roleplay with me, post a comment on my page, or on this journal. I roleplay almost everything I know about, but here are some of the main topics,

Transformers Prime,
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic,
Warrior Cats,
Soul Eater,
Five Nights At Freddy's.

If you want to ask me about a topic go ahead ^u^ I may or may not know about it. And about FNAF (Five Nights At Freddy's), I have a special chatroom for that.…
:3 So if you wanna rp that just ask and if im not busy we can rp that in le chatroom. Anyway, Im very active here on DA so if you do wanna rp just ask :) so, thats pretty much it, sooo Bai!! :D

~DrDiscordedWhooves  :icondrdiscordedwhooves:

lol Im feeling Pirate-y xD I dont even know what that is but.. x3
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Now before you start reading you should know I was stump out of ideas for the title xD. But! Another VERY important thing. Everything and everyone in this story does NOT belong to me unless they are MY cats. (Catalyst, Chester, Finkpaw and Berryclaw.) Any one else belongs to their rightful owners. And, this story is based on a wonderful minecraft server, Pawstep Pathway. I will leave you the IP at the bottom. Also, remember, it is a WARRIORS ROLEPLAY server. If you have not read warrior cats then you should before you join. Anyway, enough of me going on about stuff, lets get to the story! :D


        Water rushed swiftly between tall, high rocks. Over head, dark, heavy rain clouds began to roll in. A dark grey tom with black paws and ears was padding along the rocks to the cave where his nest lay. A grey she-cat with stripes on her back dashed up to him.
    "Hey Finkpaw!" she meowed happily, "Heading back before it rains?

    "Yea, I'd hate to get my pelt soaked. Even though I pretty much do everyday." Finkpaw grinned, "Wanna head back with me, Dovepaw?"

    "Sure, why not."

    As the two apprentices pad into the small cave where the apprentices stay, light rain begins to fall. Finkpaw sits down in his nest and Dovepaw climbs up on the big rock right inside the entrance to the cave. Just seconds later another pair of two young apprentices pad into the cave, their fur damp from the light rain. One, a sleek, white furred she cat with beautiful blue eyes, and a large brown tom with black stripes and blue eyes.

    "Hey Finkpaw! Evening Dovepaw!" the she-cat meowed at the two.
  Dovepaw flicked her ear.  "Hey Birchpaw." mewed Dovepaw, "Have you seen Nightpaw?"
    "No sorry.."
    "Oh...ok. Thanks anyway" Worry filled Dovepaw, Where could he be?

       After a while the light rain have turned to a steady downpour. Water ran off the rocks into the water below, and still some cats were still making their way into the caves. Finkpaw, Birchpaw, and Dovepaw sat in a circle chatting quietly.
  "Where do you think my brother is?" mewed Dovepaw nervously. Finkpaw looked at her, "Im sure he'll be back soon." he said calmly. Birchpaw began to groom her fur. Dovepaw looked at Finkpaw, "I hope your right."
   "What's got you worried, Dovepaw?" a she-cat mewed. Dovepaw glanced over and saw a white cat with grey paws padding in from the rain. Her fur was soaked and dripping water.
  "Oh, nothing Thrushwing. It's just I haven't seen Nightpaw since earlier." Thrushwing glanced at her, "He should be back soon. I saw him head out earlier on a hunting patrol." Just then a young black tom stepped into the cave. "Hey." he meowed.  "Nightpaw!" Dovepaw said jumping up and padding over to him. "Where have you been?".  "Uhh. On patrol? Why?" Dovepaw flicked her ear. "I just wanted to know that you didn't fall down a fox-hole or anything. "Nope. Didn't do that."  Dovepaw purred, "Well im glad your here now."

    After a while the rain stopped and the cloud began to break up revealing to black night sky dotted with shiny, little stars, and a beautiful, bright cresent moon. Cats began to pad to their nests to sleep. Thrushwing headed for the warriors den. Birchpaw and Finkpaw curled up in their nests and Ravenstar headed up to his den. The rest of the night would be quiet and peaceful for Riftclan, but what about their future? Will one thing destroy the entire clan?

So, that is the first part to this story. The clan I started off in is called Riftclan. The other four clans are, Ivyclan, Frondclan, and Islandclan. I dont really think this was the absolute best I can do, but Ill try harder when I write part two. So here, im going to list characters who DON'T belong to me.
Batpaw (the cat who was padding in the cave with Birchpaw),
and If I didn't list anyone, which I think I have, but if I didn't Ill find out and Ill put them in thur. So, here's the IP. Remember don't join unless you've read Warrior cats.

Its a simply amazing server. So credit to these characters rightful owners and, Samkee, the owner of the server. :D hope you like it.


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    One day Nightfeather was walking and saw a paradox happening. She quickly ran to find her friend Shadowfire and Shadow's friend The Master. Along with Shadow's brother The Doctor. (Woo Hoo! David Tennant!) When she arrived at Shadow's Home... She wasn't there. No one was there. So she turned around and dialed Shadow's number on her phone. Shadowfire picked up and said

"Hi" Nightfeather said quickly "Its me, Nightfeather. I need your help. Where are you?"

Shadow paused for a moment then said,
"In the TARDIS. With my Bro. Where are you?"

"At your house"

"Ok. We will come pick you up."

After a a couple minutes Shadow and The Doctor showed up.
"I hope you guys weren't doing anything important," she said as she hugged Shadow.
"Nope" Shadow replied "Just hanging out. Anyway, you said you need Help?"

"Yes! I found a paradox!"

The three of them quickly got into the TARDIS and flew off to the paradox. When they arrived Nightfeather showed them what she saw.

The doctor looked at Shadow,
"Have you seen The Master today?"

"Noo..." Shadowfire said, suddenly noticing it was him who did it. So they go and talk to him and he fixes it (i guess o3o).


Im not creative at all...

Anyway pal I hope you liked it!

This is a finished story that was started by

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I will take art requests! I can draw anything from these categories:

Pokemon (please if you ust.. no super hard ones xDD)
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Warrior Cats

If you want to a battle scene or anything I can try that :33

Anyway, :DD time to continue drawing!!~
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Yay! I've started drawing more irkens than anything right now!! :D So that means more pictures on DA of them... I only have two but mainly just use one of them. Thats Zil. obviously. the other does have a name and everything just i dont really mention her...  I need to find my DSI ...... Anyway hopefully soon ill get an irken Icon so you guys know im Invader Zil.. :D Bye!!
And remember..  Im a perfectly Normal human worm baby xD ~quote Invader zim
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