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The dragonets of destiny DARK AU

I drew this a while back when I was seeing everyone make AUs and what ifs. Decided to make one of my own. Combustion is Glory except Hvitur didn't loose the Skywing egg. And he stole the Egg that had Peril and Ember/Sky because he knew that it was better than getting a normal Skywing egg. And Sunny is Heat Stroke, except Heat isn't a half nightwing and is a Animus. Basically different events happened for this to happened. I'm still working on it. And the name changes because this is a dark AU, so I made to make their names fit with it. Dark and edgy names. Also, Deathstrike's name is a reference to Deathstroke, hence the similarities. | Here's the desc of the drawing from PA: Here's an AU of the dragonets of destiny where everything is more darker. And probably disturbing. If your wondering "Why is everyone's name different?" And "Why is there no Sunny and Glory?" That's because of the vastly different events that happens. Like Thorn(she goes by a different name) doesn't meet Stonemover(also a different name). And Hvitur(different name) gets a skywing egg. | Tsunami: She is considered the most dangerous, and most pompous. She likes to talk about herself and doesn't like to fight because she is afraid to ruin her scales. ||Heat: She is the only one who really loves to fight, whether it's on the receiving end or hurting her opponents. She is an Animus, which means she can use it to her advantage. And has the most dangerous poison but doesn't use it, because she considers it "cheating". ||Earthquake: He is always extremely angry and grumpy at all times, and is not afraid to fight. He is cynic and will not trust others. He has fireproof scales which he used, but he is slow. But has high resilience. ||Deathsrike: The most quietest one out of them all, he always jumps at the chance to fight just to show off. He also likes to show off his powers, saying he's the most powerful. He thinks Tsunami is weaker then him. He is a trice born, which means he has strong future seeing powers and mind reading. He can project his thoughts onto others. He is also fast because he doesn't eat much. ||Combustion: He is a psychopathy, so he always appears nice and friendly to appeal to others. But as soon as they are in a sense of comfort, he'll mess with them. Often manipulating others to do his dirty work and killing them once they serve their purpose. He's considered the cruelest because of this. He also hates his brothers, sisters, and guardians. He is a firescales, but with a handy animus touched object(enhanced by Heat), he can freely turn off and on his fire. Combustion is also the smartest out of the dragonet and the guardians.
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